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İctimai Television

Not to be confused with the United Kingdom television network and channel known as ITV.
İctimai Televiziya ("Public Television")
İctimai Television Logo
Launched 29 August 2005; 14 years ago (2005-08-29)
Owned by Public Television and Radio Broadcasting Company (statutory corporation)
Picture format 16:9
Country Azerbaijan

İctimai Television (Azerbaijani: İctimai Televiziya, "Public Television") Azerbaijani pronunciation: [itʃtimai televizija] or İTV is a public television channel in Azerbaijan. It began broadcasting on 29 August 2005 after being created by law in 2004 as the first independent public broadcaster in Azerbaijan.[1] The channel is based in Baku.

İTV is primarily funded through advertising and government payments.[2][3] The 2004 law creating the channel called for funding to come from a television licence fee beginning in 2010,[2][4] but this portion of the law has yet to be implemented.[5]

The channel is operated by the Public Television and Radio Broadcasting Company (Azerbaijani: İctimai Televiziya və Radio Yayımları Şirkəti), which consists of a nine-member council, whose members are approved by the President of Azerbaijan, and a director general elected by the council and also approved by the president.[1][6] This arrangement, as well as the continued state financing, has been subject to criticism by non-governmental organizations on the grounds that the channel may be too closely connected to the government to be fully independent and unbiased.[7][8][9]

İTV became a member of the European Broadcasting Union on 5 July 2007, allowing it to take part in events such as the Eurovision Song Contest, which it entered for the first time in 2008.[10] Following Azerbaijan's win in the Eurovision Song Contest 2011, İTV hosted the 2012 competition in Baku. The broadcaster was also supposed to host the Eurovision Dance Contest 2010 in Baku,[11] but this event was postponed indefinitely due to a lack of participants.


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