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İskender kebap

İskender kebap
Course Main dish
Place of origin 23x15px Turkey
Region or state Bursa, Marmara Region
Creator İskender Efendi
Main ingredients thinly cut grilled lamb, tomato sauce, pita bread, melted sheep butter and yogurt
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İskender kebap is one of the most famous meat foods of northwestern Turkey and takes its name from its inventor, İskender Efendi, who lived in Bursa in the late 19th century. It can be assumed to be derived from a verticalized version of Cağ kebabı.[citation needed]

It is a kind of döner kebab prepared from thinly cut grilled lamb basted with hot tomato sauce over pieces of lavas bread and generously slathered with melted sheep butter and yogurt. Additionally, one cylindrical köfte can be placed on top. It is commonly consumed with şıra as a drink to aid digestion. Tomato sauce and melting butter are generally poured over the dish, at the table.

"Kebapçı İskender" is trademarked by Yavuz İskenderoğlu, whose family still runs the restaurant in Bursa.[1][2] This dish is available in many restaurants throughout the country mostly under the name "İskender kebap", "Bursa kebabı", or at times with an alternative one made up by the serving restaurant such as "Uludağ kebabı".

Differences from döner kebab

A serving of İskender kebap contains thin and wide strips of meat, on the other hand döner kebap has smaller pieces of meat. İskender kebap is prepared by stacking large pieces of meat vertically, which is why the meat strips are larger. In lower quality restaurants, ground meat is used, which is not suitable for İskender kebap. The fat content of Iskender meat is lower than that of döner meat. İskender kebap is served with yogurt and sauce, while döner is not.

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