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100 Pipers

100 Pipers
Type Blended Scotch Whisky[1]
Manufacturer Pernod Ricard
Distributor Pernod Ricard[2]
Country of origin Scotland (bottled in India and Scotland, and possibly elsewhere)[3][4]
Introduced 1949
Alcohol by volume 42.8%
Colour Brown
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100 Pipers is a brand of "standard" blended Scotch whisky with smoked notes that is produced by Pernod Ricard. The company says it is the "seventh-largest blended Scotch worldwide",[clarification needed] the "No. 2 standard whisky in Asia", and the "No. 1 standard whisky" in Thailand.[5] In addition to Thailand, it is also distributed in India, Spain, and South America.[5] 100 Pipers is a blend of between 25 and 30 source whiskies.[6] Much of it comes from the Allt a'Bhainne distillery, which is also owned by Pernod Ricard and does not have its own bottling facilities.[7] 100 Pipers is bottled in India and Scotland (and possibly elsewhere).[3][4]


File:The Battle of Culloden.jpg
Battle of Culloden between the Jacobites and the "Redcoats"

100 Pipers Blended Scotch Whisky was first produced by Chivas Brothers and sold to Seagram around 1949.[6] The brand owes its name and Celtic imagery to the Scottish tradition of bagpipers leading soldiers into battle. The "100 Pipers" name in particular comes from the ballad of "The Hundred Pipers", which tells of the heroic Bonnie Prince Charlie's (1720–1788)[8] 1745 Jacobite uprising led by a troop of 100 bagpipers.[5]

Marketing and market presence

The brand is marketed with the promotional slogan True Legend.[9]

The website rated the brand value of 100 Pipers 75th in 2011 and 81st in 2014 among 10,000 spirit brands worldwide.[10][11]


Pernod Ricard identified 100 Pipers, along with Chivas Regal, Blenders Pride, Imperial Blue, and Royal Stag as one of its five core spirits brands in India.[3] The five affiliated brands fall into two basic market segment categories: "India-made foreign liquor" (which is made in India) and foreign-distilled "lifestyle" brands.[3] The two lifestyle brands are 100 Pipers as a "standard" offering (which is distilled in Scotland but bottled locally in India) and Chivas Regal as a premium-segment import brand.[3]

100 Pipers sponsors an annual "India Music Week" festival.[12][13]


100 Pipers is one of best-selling whiskies in Thailand.[7][14] A limited-edition "Night Bottle" for 100 Pipers was released in Thailand in 2015 with a fashion show-themed silicone wrap accompanying the bottle design.[14]


100 Pipers received a Gold Medal at "The Asian Spirits Masters 2014".[15]


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