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1810 in Canada

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Events from the year 1810 in Canada.


  • January - A Governor declares that, in case of hostilities, a force of regulars, adequate for the defence of Canada, will cooperate with the Militia.
  • March - Le Canadien of Quebec is suppressed, for "seditious utterances." Soldiers, led by a magistrate, seize the plant and apprehend the printer. Warrants to arrest Bedard, Taschereau, Papineau, Viger and others are issued. The Governor asks: "During the fifty years you have been under British rule, has one act of oppression, one instance of arbitrary imprisonment, of violation of property, or of the rights of conscience ever occurred?"
  • August : Construction of Chemin Craig.
  • November 26 - John Molson asks the exclusive right to construct and navigate steam-boats, on the Saint Lawrence River, for 15 years.
  • From now, War Hawks advocate war with Britain, which has been harassing American shipping.
  • David Thompson builds trade houses on Pend Oreille Lake and Flathead River.
  • York magistrate Alexander Wood is embroiled in a gay sex scandal.


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