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1861 in Canada

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Events from the year 1861 in Canada.


  • April 14 - A major flood hits Montreal
  • April 15 - Nova Scotia: resolution for provincial union by Joseph Howe for referral to the other British North American provinces in July.
  • May 13 - The UK declares its neutrality in American Civil War.
  • June 1 - The UK bans naval craft or privateers of American belligerents from carrying prizes into British ports or territorial waters.
  • November 8 - The Trent Affair: British packet steamer Trent stopped by United States warship in international waters. Two Confederate diplomats taken off and imprisoned in Boston.
  • November 28 - Viscount Monck becomes Governor-General.
  • December 3 - The UK sends reinforcements to British North America.
  • December 23 - The UK demands release of Confederate diplomats taken from Trent.
  • December 26 - Confederate diplomats taken from Trent released.

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