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1922 National Intercollegiate Basketball Tournament

The 1922 National Intercollegiate Basketball Tournament was the first national championship tournament ever held in intercollegiate basketball. The 1921–22 Wabash College Little Giants team won the championship game, 43–23, over Kalamazoo College. The tournament was held among conference champions and was played entirely in Indianapolis, Indiana. Participants included Wabash College, Kalamazoo College, Grove City College (Pennsylvania), Mercer College (Georgia), Illinois Wesleyan and Idaho. The Western Conference and Eastern Intercollegiate League declined invitations to participate.

The following conferences were represented: Pacific Coast Conference, Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Association, Western Pennsylvania League, Illinois Intercollegiate Athletic Conference, Michigan Intercollegiate Athletic Association and the Indiana Intercollegiate Athletic Association.

Wabash finished with a season record of 21–3, winning all three tournament games in convincing fashion. They were coached by the legendary Robert E. "Pete" Vaughan and their players were Fred Adam, Paul Schanlaub, Lon Goldsberry, John Burns, and Clyde Grater.

Below is the tournament bracket, played on March 9, 10 and 11, 1922 in Indianapolis.

  Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
     Mercer (GA) 25  
       Wabash 62  
   Wabash (IN) 39
     Illinois Wesleyan 16  
       Wabash 43
     Kalamazoo 23
   Grove City (PA) 13
       Kalamazoo 22  
   Kalamazoo (MI) 38

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