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1939 Grand Prix season

1939 AIACR European Championship season
European Champion
Officially undeclared due to outbreak of war[1]
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1939 Grand Prix season
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Last full season before wartime.

The 1939 Grand Prix season was the seventh AIACR European Championship season. The championship winner was never officially announced by the AIACR due to the outbreak of World War II less than two weeks after the final event in Switzerland. The Italian GP initially had been a fifth event, but it became clear well before the war that it would be cancelled due to construction work. At that time, it was also undecided which scoring system would be used, the old minimum points system that basically counted positions, or the French maximum points system similar to the modern one. Although Hermann Paul Müller would have won the championship on points according to the old system, the president of Nazi Germany's highest motorsports organisation declared Hermann Lang the champion.[1] Lang was clearly the dominating driver in that season, which was acknowledged by the international press. In the first two of the four championship events, both Lang and Müller won once while the other failed to complete 75% of the distance. The German round saw Lang retiring early, and Müller finishing 2nd behind Carraciola. This left Müller in the lead in both scoring systems, as published in magazines, with the Swiss round deciding the outcome. Müller finished 4th behind three Mercedes, which gave him the lead in the old point system, while in front, Lang had beaten Carraciola for the lead in the maximum points system.

Season review

European Championship Grands Prix

Rd Date Name Circuit Winning drivers Winning constructor Report
1 25 June 23x15px Belgian Grand Prix Spa-Francorchamps 23x15px Hermann Lang Mercedes-Benz Report
2 9 July 23x15px French Grand Prix Reims-Gueux 23x15px Hermann Paul Müller Auto Union Report
3 23 July 23x15px German Grand Prix Nürburgring 23x15px Rudolf Caracciola Mercedes-Benz Report
4 20 August 23x16px Swiss Grand Prix Bremgarten 23x15px Hermann Lang Mercedes-Benz Report

Non-championship Grands Prix

Grandes Épreuves are denoted by a yellow background.

Date Name Circuit Winning driver Winning constructor Report
2 April 23x15px Pau Grand Prix Pau 23x15px Hermann Lang Mercedes-Benz Report
10 April 23x15px Road Championship Brooklands 23x15px Arthur Dobson ERA Report
7 May 23x15px Paris Cup Montlhéry 23x15px Jean-Pierre Wimille Bugatti Report
7 May 23x15px Finnish Grand Prix Eläintarharata 23x15px Adolf Westerblom Alfa Romeo Report
21 May 23x15px Eifelrennen Nürburgring 23x15px Hermann Lang Mercedes-Benz Report
28 May 23x15px Grand Prix des Frontières Chimay 23x15px Maurice Trintignant Bugatti Report
25 June 23x15px Bucharest Grand Prix Bucharest 23x15px Hans Stuck Auto Union Report
30 July 23x15px Remparts Grand Prix Angoulême 23x15px Raymond Sommer Alfa Romeo Report
7 August 23x15px Campbell Trophy Brooklands 23x15px Raymond Mays ERA Report
3 September 23x15px Belgrade Grand Prix Belgrade 23x15px Tazio Nuvolari Auto Union Report
29 October 23x15px Gávea Nacional Circuit Gávea 23x15px Manuel de Teffé Maserati Report

Unofficial Championship Standings

Pos Driver BEL
1 23x15px Hermann Paul Müller Ret 1 2 4 12
2 23x15px Hermann Lang 1 Ret Ret 1 14
3 23x15px Rudolf Caracciola Ret Ret 1 2 17
4 23x15px Manfred von Brauchitsch 3 Ret Ret 3 19
= 23x15px Tazio Nuvolari Ret Ret Ret 5 19
6 23x15px Rudolf Hasse 2 Ret Ret 20
= 23x15px René Dreyfus 7 4 8 20
8 23x15px Georg Meier Ret 2 Ret 22
9 23x15px Raymond Sommer 4 5 Ret 23
= 23x15px Hans Stuck 6 Ret 10 23
11 23x15px Robert Mazaud 5 6 24
= 23x15px "Raph" 9 5 24
13 23x15px Giuseppe Farina Ret 7 25
14 23x15px Paul Pietsch 3 Ret 26
15 23x15px René Le Bègue 3 27
16 23x15px Louis Gérard 6 28
= 23x15px Philippe Étancelin 4 28
= 23x15px Luigi Chinetti 8 28
= 23x15px Leonhard Joa 7 28
= 23x15px Hans Hartmann 6 28
= 23x15px Clemente Biondetti 9 28
= 23x15px Kenneth Evans 11 28
= 23x15px John Wakefield 12 28
= 23x15px Robert Ansell 13 28
25 23x15px Richard Seaman Ret 29
= 23x16px Adolfo Mandirola Ret DSQ 29
= 23x16px Toulo de Graffenried Ret 29
28 23x15px Yves Matra Ret 30
= 23x15px Luigi Villoresi Ret 30
30 23x15px Raymond Mays Ret 31
= 23x15px Heinz Brendel Ret 31
= 23x15px Giovanni Rocco Ret 31
Pos Driver BEL
Colour Result Points
Gold Winner 1
Silver 2nd place 2
Bronze 3rd place 3
Green Completed more than 75% 4
Blue Completed between 50% and 75% 5
Purple Completed between 25% and 50% 6
Red Completed less than 25% 7
Black Disqualified 8
Blank Did not participate 8


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