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1946 Commonwealth Prime Ministers' Conference

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Dates 23 April 1946
25 May 1946
Cities 23x15px London, United Kingdom
Participants 5
Chair Clement Attlee
(Prime Minister)
Follows 1944
Precedes 1948
Key points
Post-war settlement and peace treaties, Commonwealth security arrangements, United Nations

The 1946 Commonwealth Prime Ministers' Conference was the second Meeting of the Heads of Government of the Commonwealth of Nations. It was held in the United Kingdom in from April to May 1946, and was hosted by that country's Prime Minister, Clement Attlee.

Discussions were primarily related to political and economic settlements arising from the end of World War II. The final communiqué expressed the Commonwealth's support for the creation of the United Nations as an instrument for peace and security as well as for raising the standard of living and the promotion of democratic liberty throughout the world.[1]

This was the final Prime Ministers' Conference consisting only of the "Old Commonwealth" of white nations and white-led South Africa.

Ireland did not participate although at the time the British Commonwealth still regarded Ireland as one of its members. Ireland had not participated in any equivalent conferences since 1932.


Nation Name Portfolio
23x15px United Kingdom Clement Attlee Prime Minister (Chairman)
23x15px Australia Ben Chifley Prime Minister
23x15px Canada William Lyon Mackenzie King Prime Minister
23x15px New Zealand Walter Nash Deputy Prime Minister
23x15px South Africa Jan Smuts Prime Minister


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