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1947–48 BAA season

1947–48 BAA season
League Basketball Association of America
Sport Basketball
Number of teams 8
Regular season
Top scorer Max Zaslofsky (Chicago)
Eastern champions Philadelphia Warriors[a][b]
  Eastern runners-up St. Louis Bombers[a]
Western champions Baltimore Bullets[a]
  Western runners-up Chicago Stags[a]
Champions Baltimore Bullets
  Runners-up Philadelphia Warriors
BAA/NBA seasons

The 1947–48 BAA season was the second season of the Basketball Association of America. (Following its third, 1948–49 season, the BAA and National Basketball League merged to create the National Basketball Association or NBA.) The postseason tournament at its conclusion, the 1948 BAA Playoffs, ended with the Baltimore Bullets winning the BAA Championship, beating the Philadelphia Warriors 4 games to 2 in the BAA Finals.

The NBA recognizes the three BAA seasons as part of its own history, sometimes without comment,[1] so BAA 1947–48 is sometimes considered the second NBA season.

Preseason events

Cleveland, Detroit, Pittsburgh and Toronto folded before the season started, leaving the BAA with only seven teams. The Baltimore Bullets were brought into the league from the American Basketball League to provide a more convenient number, eight.

Final standings

Eastern Division

Western Division

Statistics leaders

Category Player Team Stat
Points Max Zaslofsky Chicago Stags 1,007
Assists Howard Dallmar Philadelphia Warriors 120
FG% Bob Feerick Washington Capitols .340
FT% Bob Feerick Washington Capitols .788

Note: Prior to the 1969–70 season, league leaders in points and assists were determined by totals rather than averages.

BAA awards


  1. ^ a b c d The 1948 BAA Playoffs did not generate Eastern and Western champions and runners-up, as NBA Playoffs have done from 1951 to present. Eastern and Western leaders, or perhaps champions, Philadelphia and St. Louis played off to determine one finalist while four runners-up played off to determine the other finalist.
      The listed teams were BAA playoff finalists and semifinalists, as Eastern and Western champions and runners-up in the NBA have been playoff finalists and semifinalists from 1951 to present.
  2. ^ Philadelphia may reasonably be called Eastern champion.


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