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1948 BAA Finals

1948 NBA Finals
Baltimore Bullets Buddy Jeannette 4
Philadelphia Warriors Eddie Gottlieb 2
Dates April 10–21
Radio network WBAL (BLB)
Hall of Famers Bullets
Buddy Jeannette (1994)
Joe Fulks(1978)
Eastern Finals Warriors defeat Bombers 4-3 (Eastern and Western champions)
Western Finals Bullets defeat Stags 2-0 (Runners-up bracket)
NBA Finals

The 1948 BAA Finals was the championship round of the Basketball Association of America's 1947–48 season. (Following its third, 1948–49 season, the BAA and National Basketball League merged to create the National Basketball Association or NBA.) The Philadelphia Warriors of the Eastern Division faced the Baltimore Bullets of the Western Division, with the Philadelphia having home court advantage.

Baltimore was not the Western Division champion but advanced to the championship round by winning a four-team playoff among the Eastern and Western Division runners-up. Meanwhile the Eastern and Western Division champions, Philadelphia Warriors and St. Louis Bombers, played one long series to determine the other finalist, a best-of-seven series that Philadelphia won 4–3. In the runners-up bracket, Baltimore and Chicago from the West had first eliminated New York and Boston from the East, then faced each other, all in best-of-three series. The format was used only twice, in 1947 and 1948, and generated two champions from the runners-up bracket.[1]

The six games of the final series were played in twelve days, with at least one day off except prior to the decisive game. Division champions Philadelphia and St. Louis had played the seven games of their semifinal series in fifteen days, March 23 to April 6, with at least one day off before every game. The entire playoff tournament extended 30 days.[1]

Series summary

Game Date Home Team Result Road Team
Game 1 April 10 Philadelphia 71-60 Baltimore
Game 2 April 13 Philadelphia 63-66 Baltimore
Game 3 April 15 Baltimore 72-70 Philadelphia
Game 4 April 17 Baltimore 78-75 Philadelphia
Game 5 April 20 Philadelphia 91-82 Baltimore
Game 6 April 21 Baltimore 88-73 Philadelphia

Bullets win series 4-2

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