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1984 NCAA Division III football season

The 1984 NCAA Division III football season, part of college football in the United States organized by the National Collegiate Athletic Association at the Division III level, began in August 1984, and concluded with the NCAA Division III Football Championship, also known as the Stagg Bowl, in December 1984 at Galbreath Field in Kings Island, Mason, Ohio. The Augustana (IL) Vikings won the second of their four consecutive Division III championships by defeating the Central (Iowa) Dutch by a final score of 21−12.[1]

Program changes

  • After Southwestern University at Memphis changed its name to Rhodes College in 1984, the Southwestern Lynx became the Rhodes Lynx at the start of the 1984 season.

Conference champions

Conference Champions


The 1984 NCAA Division III Football Championship playoffs were the 12th annual single-elimination tournament to determine the national champion of men's NCAA Division III college football. The championship Stagg Bowl game was held at Galbreath Field at the College Football Hall of Fame in Kings Island, Mason, Ohio for the second consecutive time. This was the final tournament to feature eight teams before expanding to sixteen in 1984.[2]

Playoff bracket

Campus Sites </td>
Campus Sites </td>
</td></td>National Championship Game
Galbreath Field
Kings Island, Mason, OH
</td> </td> </td> </td></td></td> </td> </td> </td></td></td> </td> </td> </td></td></tr>
</td>Union (NY) </td>26 </td></td></tr>
</td>Plymouth State </td>14 </td></td></tr>
</td></td>Union (NY) </td>6 </td></td></tr>
</td> </td></tr>
</td></td>Augustana (IL) </td>23 </td></td></tr>
</td>Augustana (IL) </td>14 </td></td></tr>
</td>Dayton </td>13 </td></td></tr>
</td></td>Augustana (IL) </td>21 </td></td></tr>
</td> </td></tr>
</td></td>Central (IA) </td>12 </td></td></tr>
</td>Washington & Jefferson </td>22 </td></td></td></tr>
</td>Randolph–Macon </td>21 </td></td></tr>
</td></td>Washington & Jefferson </td>0 </td></td></tr>
</td> </td></tr>
</td></td>Central (IA) </td>20 </td></td></tr>
</td>Central (IA) </td>23 </td></td></tr>
</td>Occidental </td>22 </td></td></tr>

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