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1988 in comics

Notable events of 1988 in comics. See also List of years in comics.

Events and publications


  • February 2: Underground cartoonist Dori Seda passes away at age 37.
  • February 4: Inker Frank Giacoia dies at age 63.
  • February 13: British comics artist Ron Embleton dies of a heart attack at age 57.










Exhibitions and shows



Eisner Awards

See also: Eisner Awards

Presented in 1989 for comics published in 1988:

First issues by title

DC Comics

Animal Man

Release: September Writer: Grant Morrison. Artists: Chas Truog and Doug Hazlewood.


Release: April Writer: Paul Kupperberg. Artists: Steve Erwin and Al Vey.


Release: August Writer: Doug Moench. Artists: Pat Broderick and Pablo Marcos.


Release: January Writer: Jamie Delano. Artist: John Ridgway.


Release: October Writer: Roger Stern. Artists: Tom Lyle and Bob Smith.


Release: June. Writer: Doug Moench. Artists: Dave Hoover and Robert Campanella.

Limited series

Batman: The Cult (4 issues)

Release: August Writer: Jim Starlin. Artist: Bernie Wrightson.

Black Orchid (3 issues)

Release: November Writer: Neil Gaiman. Artist: Dave McKean.

Cosmic Odyssey (4 issues)

Release: December Writer: Jim Starlin. Artist: Mike Mignola.

Crimson Avenger (4 issues)

Release: June Writers: Roy and Dann Thomas. Artist: Greg Brooks.

Millennium (8 weekly issues)

Release: January Writer: Steve Englehart. Artists: Joe Staton and Ian Gibson.

Power Girl (4 issues)

Release: June. Writer: Paul Kupperberg. Artists: Rick Hoberg and Arne Starr.

The Prisoner: Shattered Visage (4 issues)

Release. Writer/Artist: Dean Motter.

Unknown Soldier (12 issues)

Release: Winter. Writer: James Owsley. Artist: Phil Gascoine.

The Weird (4 issues)

Release: July. Writer: Jim Starlin. Artist: Bernie Wrightson.


Natsuko's Sake

Release: on Weekly Morning. Author: Akira Oze.


Count Duckula

Release: November from Star Comics. Writer: Michael Gallager. Artist: Warren Kremer.

Death's Head

Release: December from Marvel UK. Writer: Simon Furman. Artists: Bryan Hitch and Mark Farmer.

Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme

Release: November Writer: Peter Gillis. Artists: Richard Case and Randy Emberlin.

Dragon's Claws

Release: June from Marvel UK. Writer: Simon Furman. Artist: Geoff Senior.


Release: October Writer: Chris Claremont. Artist: Alan Davis.

Marvel Comics Presents

Release: September Editors: Terry Kavanagh and Michael Higgins.

The Punisher War Journal

Release: November Writer/Penciller: Carl Potts. Inker: Jim Lee.


Release: November Writer: Chris Claremont. Artists: John Buscema and Al Williamson.

Limited series

Nick Fury vs. S.H.I.E.L.D. (6 issues)

Release: June. Writer: Bob Harras. Artists: Paul Neary and Kim DeMulder.

Stray Toasters (4 issues)

Release: by Epic Comics. Writer/Artist: Bill Sienkiewicz.

X-Terminators (4 issues)

Release: October Writer: Louise Simonson. Artist: Jon Bogdanove.

Independent titles

Limited series

Aliens (6 issues)

Release: May by Dark Horse Comics. Writer: Mark Verheiden. Artist: Mark A. Nelson.

Black Kiss (12 issues)

Release: June by Vortex Comics. Writer/Artist: Howard Chaykin.

Initial appearance by character name

DC Comics

Marvel Comics

Independent titles


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