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1998 UEFA Cup Final

1998 UEFA Cup Final
Event 1997–98 UEFA Cup
Date 6 May 1998
Venue Parc des Princes, Paris
Man of the Match Ronaldo (Internazionale)[1]
Referee Antonio López Nieto (Spain)
Attendance 44,412

The 1998 UEFA Cup Final was a football match played at Parc des Princes in Paris on 6 May 1998 between Lazio and Internazionale of Italy. Internazionale won the match 3–0. It was the first single-legged UEFA Cup final.



GK 1 23x15px Luca Marchegiani
RB 20 23x15px Alessandro Grandoni Substituted off 55'
CB 13 23x15px Alessandro Nesta
CB 2 23x15px Paolo Negro Booked 70'
LB 5 23x15px Giuseppe Favalli
RM 14 23x15px Diego Fuser (c)
CM 23 23x15px Giorgio Venturin Substituted off 49'
CM 21 23x15px Vladimir Jugović Booked 59'
LM 18 23x15px Pavel Nedvěd
CF 9 23x15px Pierluigi Casiraghi
CF 10 23x15px Roberto Mancini
GK 12 23x15px Marco Ballotta
DF 3 23x15px Giovanni Lopez
DF 16 23x15px Guerino Gottardi Substituted in 55'
MF 4 23x15px Dario Marcolin
MF 15 23x15px Matías Almeyda BookedSent off 88' Substituted in 49'
FW 17 23x15px Roberto Rambaudi
23x15px Sven-Göran Eriksson
GK 1 23x15px Gianluca Pagliuca (c)
SW 7 23x15px Salvatore Fresi Booked 18'
RB 33 23x15px Francesco Colonnese
CB 16 23x15px Taribo West Sent off 82'
LB 4 23x15px Javier Zanetti Booked 63'
RM 8 23x15px Aron Winter Substituted off 69'
CM 13 23x15px Zé Elias
LM 14 23x15px Diego Simeone
AM 6 23x15px Youri Djorkaeff Substituted off 69'
CF 10 23x15px Ronaldo Booked 74'
CF 9 23x15px Iván Zamorano Substituted off 74'
GK 12 23x15px Andrea Mazzantini
DF 15 23x15px Fabio Galante
DF 18 23x15px Luigi Sartor Substituted in 74'
MF 5 23x15px Benoît Cauet Substituted in 69'
MF 17 23x15px Francesco Moriero Substituted in 69'
FW 19 23x15px Nwankwo Kanu
FW 20 23x15px Álvaro Recoba
23x15px Luigi Simoni

Man of the Match:
23x15px Ronaldo (Internazionale)[1]

Assistant referees:
23x15px Fernando Tresaco Gracia (Spain)
23x15px Victoriano Giráldez Carrasco (Spain)
Fourth official:
23x15px Arturo Daudén Ibáñez (Spain)

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