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1 Day

This article is about the 2009 film. For other topics with similar titles, see One Day (disambiguation).
1 Day
File:1 Day film.jpg
Directed by Penny Woolcock[1]
Written by Penny Woolcock
Starring Dylan Duffus
Duncan Tobias
Yohance Watson
Ohran Whyte
Release dates
  • 6 November 2009 (2009-11-06)
Running time
102 minutes
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Budget £2,000,000 (estimated)[citation needed]

1 Day is a 2009 British crime film about gangs and their communities in inner city Birmingham.[2][3] The story follows Flash as he attempts to get £100,000 to his boss Angel in less than 24 hours or face certain death.[4] The film is street-cast and features no professional actors.


Flash (Dylan Duffus) receives a phone call from Angel (Yohance Watson) announcing that he's being released early from prison and wants the £500,000 he's left Flash for safekeeping. Flash is £100,000 short of the full amount and is pushed for time. Flash is forced to strike a deal with Evil (Duncan Tobias) who more than lives up to his name. The movie follows Flash's race against time as he is pursued by a rival gang called The Zampa Boys as Flash is part of OSC (Old Street Crew). He is also pressured by his three irate baby mothers and his grandmother.


  • Dylan Duffus as Flash
  • Duncan Tobias as Evil
  • Yohance Watson as Angel
  • Ohran Whyte as Pest
  • Chris Wilson as Prison Officer
  • Malik MD7. as. El Presidente


The film has received a mixed reception amongst film critics.[5][6][7][8][9]

In Birmingham it was withdrawn from the Odeon Cinemas chain, on the advice of the West Midlands Police. The West Midlands Police say they did not give such a statement.[10][11]


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