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2. Basketball Bundesliga

This article is about the second-level German basketball league. For the top-level French league also known as Pro A, see LNB Pro A.
Current season, competition or edition:
31px 2013–14 ProA
Sport Basketball
Founded 2007
No. of teams 16
Country 23x15px Germany
Continent 23x15px FIBA Europe (Europe)
Most recent champion(s) BG Göttingen
Most titles Mitteldeutscher BC
BG Göttingen
(2 titles)
Promotion to Basketball Bundesliga
Relegation to ProB
Official website

The ProA is the second highest level league of professional club basketball in Germany. The league comprises 16 teams. Officially the ProA is part of the 2. Basketball Bundesliga, which consists of the two hierarchical leagues ProA and ProB. Before the 2007/08 season, the 2. Basketball Bundesliga was a basketball league with the same name, which consisted of two geographical divisions. At the end of the league stage the top two teams qualify for the Basketball Bundesliga and the teams positioned 15th and 16th are relegated to the lower league ProB.[1]

Teams 2014–15

Team City
Bike-Café Messingschlager Baunach Bamberg
BV Chemnitz 99 Chemnitz
Cuxhaven BasCats Cuxhaven
Erdgas Ehingen/Urspringschule Ehingen (Donau)
ETB Wohnbau Baskets Essen
Gießen 46ers Gießen
Oettinger Rockets Gotha
Hamburg Towers Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg
MLP Academics Heidelberg Heidelberg
Science City Jena Jena
Kirchheim Knights Kirchheim unter Teck
Bayer Giants Leverkusen Leverkusen
Nürnberger Basketball Club Nürnberg
finke baskets Paderborn
SC Rasta Vechta Vechta
s.Oliver Baskets Würzburg

Top of Seasons

Season Champion Score Runner-up
Giants Nördlingen N/A Cuxhaven BasCats
<center>2008–09 Mitteldeutscher BC N/A Phoenix Hagen
<center>2009–10 BBC Bayreuth N/A Cuxhaven BasCats
<center>2010–11 FC Bayern München N/A Würzburg Baskets
<center>2011–12 Mitteldeutscher BC <center> 163–161File:Dagger-14-plain.png VfL Kirchheim Knights
<center> 2012–13 SC Rasta Vechta <center>2–0^ Giants Düsseldorf
<center> 2013–14 BG Göttingen <center> 174–162File:Dagger-14-plain.png Crailsheim Merlins


Player of the Year

Year Player Position Nationality Team
2007–08 Trice, Roderick Roderick Trice SG 23x15px United States Cuxhaven BasCats
2008–09 Bernard, Wayne Wayne Bernard SG 23x15px United States Mitteldeutscher BC
2009–10 Harris, Jaivon Jaivon Harris SG 23x15px United States BBC Bayreuth
2010–11 Jeka, Lee Lee Jeka PG 23x15px Australia Würzburg Baskets
2011–12 Reid, Arizona Arizona Reid SF 23x15px United States Mitteldeutscher BC (2)
2012–13 Williams, Richard Richard Williams PG 23x15px United States SC Rasta Vechta
2013–14 Kamp, HarperHarper Kamp C 23x15px United States BG Göttingen [2]

Young Player of the Year

Year Player Position Nationality Team
2007–08 Günther , Per Per Günther PG 23x15px Germany Phoenix Hagen
2008–09 Lischka, Johannes Johannes Lischka SF 23x15px Germany LTi Lich
2009–10 Schmitz, Simon Simon Schmitz PG 23x15px Germany Science City Jena
2010–11 Doreth, Bastian Bastian Doreth PG 23x15px Germany FC Bayern Munich
2011–12 El-Domiaty, Jusuf Jusuf El-Domiaty PG 23x15px Germany Cuxhaven BasCats
2012–13 Vargas, Akeem Akeem Vargas PG 23x15px Germany BG Göttingen
2013–14 Haukohl, StephanStephan Haukohl F 23x15px Germany erdgas Ehingen/ [2]

Coach of the Year

Year Coach Nationality Team
2007–08 Wagner, Andreas Andreas Wagner 23x15px Germany Giants Nördlingen
2008–09 Harmsen , Björn Björn Harmsen 23x15px Germany Mitteldeutscher BC
2009–10 Wagner, Andreas Andreas Wagner (2) 23x15px Germany BBC Bayreuth
2010–11 Loibl, Torsten Torsten Loibl 23x15px Germany BV Chemnitz 99
2011–12 Poropat, Silvano Silvano Poropat 23x15px Croatia Mitteldeutscher BC (2)
Schreier, Felix Felix Schreier 23x15px Germany Chemnitz Niners
2012–13 Elzie, Patrick Patrick Elzie 23x15px United States SC Rasta Vechta
2013–14 Junge, RalphRalph Junge 23x15px Germany erdgas Ehingen/ [2]

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