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2006–07 IRB Sevens World Series

2006–07 IRB Sevens World Series
Host nations 23x15px Dubai
23x15px South Africa
23x15px New Zealand
23x15px United States
Template:Country data Hong Kong
23x15px Australia
23x15px England
23x15px Scotland
Nations 32
Final positions
Champions 23x15px New Zealand
Runners-up 23x15px Fiji
Third 23x15px Samoa
Series details

2006–07 IRB Sevens World Series was the eighth of an annual series of rugby union sevens tournaments for full national sides run by the International Rugby Board since 1999–2000.

New Zealand won the 2006–07 series by winning the final tournament in Edinburgh. In that event, the then-defending series champions Fiji would have clinched the season crown by defeating Wales in the Cup quarterfinals. However, a Wales upset win opened the door for New Zealand to take the season crown by winning the Cup in Edinburgh, which they proceeded to do.

Sevens is a stripped-down version of rugby union, with seven players on each side rather than fifteen. Games are much shorter, seven or ten minutes each half, and tend to be very fast-paced, open affairs. Sevens is traditionally played in a two-day tournament format; however, the most famous event, the Hong Kong Sevens, is played over three days.


The Australia and Scotland events are new for 2006-07. The Australia event effectively replaces Singapore, and the Scotland event effectively replaces the Paris Sevens.

Leg Venue Date Winner
Dubai Dubai Exiles Rugby Ground December 1–2, 2006 23x15px South Africa
South Africa Outeniqua Park, George December 8–9, 2006 23x15px New Zealand
New Zealand Westpac Stadium, Wellington February 2–3, 2007 23x15px Samoa
United States PETCO Park, San Diego, California February 10–11, 2007 23x15px Fiji
Hong Kong Hong Kong Stadium March 30-April 1, 2007 23x15px Samoa
Australia Adelaide Oval, Adelaide April 7–8, 2007 23x15px Fiji
London Twickenham May 26–27, 2007 23x15px New Zealand
Scotland Murrayfield, Edinburgh June 2–3, 2007 23x15px New Zealand

The season

In a normal event, 16 teams are entered; in Hong Kong, 24 teams enter. In each tournament, the teams are divided into pools of four teams, who play a round-robin within the pool. Points are awarded in each pool on a different schedule from most rugby tournaments—3 for a win, 2 for a draw, 1 for a loss. The first tiebreaker is the head-to-head result between the tied teams, followed by difference in points scored during the tournament.

Four trophies are awarded in each tournament, except for Hong Kong. In descending order of prestige, they are the Cup, whose winner is the overall tournament champion, Plate, Bowl and Shield. In Hong Kong, the Shield is not awarded. Each trophy is awarded at the end of a knockout tournament.

In a normal event, the top two teams in each pool advance to the Cup competition. The four quarterfinal losers drop into the bracket for the Plate. The Bowl is contested by the third-place finishers in each pool, while the Shield is contested by the last-place teams from each pool.

In Hong Kong, the six pool winners, plus the two highest-finishing second-place teams, advance to the Cup. The Plate participants are the eight highest-ranked teams remaining, while the lowest eight drop to the Bowl.

Points schedule

The season championship is determined by points earned in each tournament. For most events, points are awarded on the following schedule:

  • Cup winner (1st place): 20 points
  • Cup runner-up: 16 points
  • Losing Cup semifinalists: 12 points
  • Plate winner (5th place): 8 points
  • Plate runner-up: 6 points
  • Losing Plate semifinalists: 4 points
  • Bowl winner (9th place): 2 points

Points are awarded on a different schedule for the Hong Kong Sevens:

  • Cup winner: 30 points
  • Cup runner-up: 24 points
  • Losing Cup semifinalists: 18 points
  • Losing Cup quarterfinalists: 8 points
  • Plate winner (9th place): 4 points
  • Plate runner-up: 3 points
  • Losing Plate semifinalists: 2 points
  • Bowl winner (17th place): 1 point

Final table

Pos. Country 23x15px 23x15px 23x15px 23x15px Template:Country data HKG 23x15px 23x15px 23x15px Overall
1 23x15px New Zealand 16 20 12 12 18 12 20 20 130
2 23x15px Fiji 12 12 16 20 24 20 16 8 128
3 23x15px Samoa 8 4 20 16 30 16 12 16 122
4 23x15px South Africa 20 16 12 8 18 6 8 4 92
5 23x15px England 12 12 8 4 8 4 2 2 52
6 23x15px Wales 0 8 4 2 12 12 38
7 23x15px Australia 4 2 0 4 8 8 6 0 32
8 23x15px France 6 4 6 12 0 0 0 28
9 23x15px Scotland 0 0 0 6 8 4 4 4 26
10 23x15px Argentina 2 0 2 0 3 4 12 23
11 Template:Country data KEN 0 0 4 0 0 12 0 6 22
12 23x15px Tonga 0 2 8 0 10
13 23x15px Canada 4 0 4 0 0 0 0 8
14 23x15px Tunisia 0 6 0 6
15 23x15px Portugal 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 2
15 23x15px United States 0 0 2 2
17 23x15px Russia 1 0 0 1

The events


Main article: 2006 Dubai Sevens
Event Winners Score Finalists Semi Finalists
Cup 23x15px South Africa 31–12 23x15px New Zealand 23x15px Fiji
23x15px England
Plate 23x15px Samoa 26–7 23x15px France 23x15px Canada
23x15px Australia
Bowl 23x15px Argentina 26–7 23x15px Zimbabwe 23x15px Portugal
23x15px Tunisia
Shield 23x15px Wales 33–0  Arabian Gulf Template:Country data KEN
23x15px Scotland

South Africa

Event Winners Score Finalists Semi Finalists
Cup 23x15px New Zealand 24–19 23x15px South Africa 23x15px Fiji
23x15px England
Plate 23x15px Wales 26–7 23x15px Tunisia 23x15px France
23x15px Samoa
Bowl 23x15px Australia 41–7 Template:Country data KEN 23x15px Argentina
23x15px Canada
Shield 23x15px Portugal 14–12 23x15px Zimbabwe 23x15px Scotland
23x15px Uganda

New Zealand

Event Winners Score Finalists Semi Finalists
Cup 23x15px Samoa 17–14 23x15px Fiji 23x15px New Zealand
23x15px South Africa
Plate 23x15px England 21–12 23x15px France 23x15px Canada
Template:Country data KEN
Bowl 23x15px Argentina 12–5 23x15px Tonga 23x15px Australia
23x15px Cook Islands
Shield 23x15px Portugal 26–24 23x15px Scotland 23x15px Papua New Guinea
23x15px United States


Main article: 2007 USA Sevens
Event Winners Score Finalists Semi Finalists
Cup 23x15px Fiji 38–24 23x15px Samoa 23x15px France
23x15px New Zealand
Plate 23x15px South Africa 28–19 23x15px Scotland 23x15px Australia
23x15px England
Bowl 23x15px Tonga 22–17 23x15px Argentina 23x15px Canada
Template:Country data KEN
Shield 23x15px United States 26–5 23x15px Portugal 23x15px West Indies
23x15px Chile

Hong Kong

Main article: 2007 Hong Kong Sevens
Event Winners Score Finalists Semi Finalists Quarter Finalists
Cup 23x15px Samoa 27–22 23x15px Fiji 23x15px New Zealand
23x15px South Africa
23x15px Australia
23x15px England
23x15px Scotland
23x15px Tonga
Plate 23x15px Wales 26–19 23x15px Argentina 23x15px Portugal
23x15px United States
23x15px Canada
23x15px Italy
Template:Country data HKG
23x15px Tunisia
Bowl 23x15px Russia 21–7 23x15px France Template:Country data KEN
Template:Country data JPN
23x15px China
23x15px Chinese Taipei
Template:Country data KOR
23x15px Sri Lanka


Main article: 2007 Adelaide Sevens
Event Winners Score Finalists Semi Finalists
Cup 23x15px Fiji 21–7 23x15px Samoa Template:Country data KEN
23x15px New Zealand
Plate 23x15px Australia 31–0 23x15px South Africa 23x15px England
23x15px Scotland
Bowl 23x15px Wales 26–14 23x15px Tonga 23x15px Argentina
23x15px France
Shield 23x15px Canada 43–17 Template:Country data JPN 23x15px Portugal
Template:Country data HKG


Main article: 2007 London Sevens
Event Winners Score Finalists Semi Finalists
Cup 23x15px New Zealand 29–7 23x15px Fiji 23x15px Samoa
23x15px Wales
Plate 23x15px South Africa 14–5 23x15px Australia 23x15px Argentina
23x15px Scotland
Bowl 23x15px England 26–14 23x15px Portugal 23x15px France
23x15px Russia
Shield Template:Country data KEN 15–0 23x15px Italy 23x15px Canada
23x15px Georgia


Main article: 2007 Edinburgh Sevens
Event Winners Score Finalists Semi Finalists
Cup 23x15px New Zealand 34–5 23x15px Samoa 23x15px Argentina
23x15px Wales
Plate 23x15px Fiji 31–7 Template:Country data KEN 23x15px South Africa
23x15px Scotland
Bowl 23x15px England 31–0 23x15px Portugal 23x15px Australia
23x15px Georgia
Shield 23x15px France 21–12 23x15px South Africa 23x15px Canada
23x15px Italy

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