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2006 South American Championships in Athletics

44th South American Championships
Host city Tunja, Colombia23x15px
Date(s) 29 September – 1 October
Main stadium Estadio La Independencia
Participation 229 athletes from
12 nations
Events 44
Records set 5 Championships records

The 2006 South American Championships in Athletics were held at the Estadio La Independencia in Tunja, Colombia from 29 September to 1 October. The competition represented a departure from the traditional biennial cycle of the championships, a decision taken partly as a response to the lack of major competitions that year for the region's athletes, as well as the fact many athletes would instead focus on the 2007 World Championships in Athletics and the Pan American Games (in Rio de Janeiro) which were scheduled for the following year. The stadium's location at 2810 metres above sea level aided the performances of athletes competing in the sprint and field events.[1] A total of 44 events were contested, of which 22 by male and 22 by female athletes.

Brazil continued its dominance in the medals and points tables with 26 gold medals and 55 medals in all, adding to an undefeated streak in the men's and women's sides since the 1975 edition.[1] The hosts Colombia were clear runners-up with nine golds and 36 medals, while Argentina and Ecuador were the next most successful nations. Cold, windy conditions affected athletes performances over the course of the three-day competition, but five Championships records were broken or equalled. Pole vaulter Fabiana Murer won her first continental title with a record clearance of 4.40 m, while Argentine Germán Chiaraviglio equalled the best mark in the men's event. Jessé de Lima beat defending high jump champion Gilmar Mayo in a record height and Jennifer Dahlgren retained her hammer throw title with a new record.

Colombian Bertha Sánchez became champion in three events (5000 m, 10,000 m and steeplechase) and her compatriot Caterine Ibargüen took a gold and two silver medals in the jumping events, as well as setting a national record in the triple jump. Brazil's Elisângela Adriano won both the shot put and discus throw disciplines. Two more of her compatriots scored event doubles: Lucimar Teodoro won the 400 metres and the 400 metres hurdles, while the 100 metres and 200 metres titles went to Rosemar Coelho Neto.[2]


File:Fabiana Murer Doha 2010.jpg
Fabiana Murer won her first continental pole vault title with a Championship record.


Name Event Country Record Type
Jessé de Lima High jump 23x15px Brazil 2.28 m CR
Germán Chiaraviglio Pole vault 23x15px Argentina 5.40 m CR=
Louis Tristán Long jump 23x15px Peru 8.09 m NR
Noraldo Palacios Javelin throw 23x15px Colombia 79.09 m NR
Key:0000WR — World record  • AR — Area record  • CR — Championship record  • NR — National record


Name Event Country Record Type
Fabiana Murer Pole vault 23x15px Brazil 4.47 m CR
Tânia Ferreira da Silva Triple jump 23x15px Brazil 13.92 m CR
Jennifer Dahlgren Hammer throw 23x15px Argentina 69.07 m CR
Caterine Ibargüen Triple jump 23x15px Colombia 13.91 m NR
Katiuscia de Jesus Hammer throw 23x15px Brazil 64.58 NR
Key:0000WR — World record  • AR — Area record  • CR — Championship record  • NR — National record

Medal summary

For full event details see 2006 South American Championships in Athletics – Results


Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 metres 23x15px Daniel Grueso (COL) 10.50 23x15px Kael Becerra (CHI) 10.50 23x15px José Carlos Moreira (BRA) 10.51
200 metres 23x15px Basílio de Morães (BRA) 20.70 23x15px Daniel Grueso (COL) 20.99 23x15px Heber Viera (URU) 21.10
400 metres 23x15px Sanderlei Parrela (BRA) 46.19 23x15px Eduardo Vasconcelos (BRA) 46.65 23x15px Javier Mosquera (COL) 46.88
800 metres 23x15px Fabiano Peçanha (BRA) 1:49.55 23x15px Hudson de Souza (BRA) 1:49.97 23x15px John Chávez (COL) 1:51.81
1500 metres 23x15px Hudson de Souza (BRA) 3:46.98 23x15px Fredy Espinoza (COL) 3:50.82 23x15px Byron Piedra (ECU) 3:54.48
5000 metres 23x15px Juan Diego Contreras (PER) 14:59.06 23x15px Byron Piedra (ECU) 15:00.00 23x15px Eduardo Arequipa (BOL) 15:00.70
10,000 metres 23x15px Jacinto López (COL) 31:41.00 23x15px Juan Diego Contreras (PER) 31:41.58 23x15px Jason Gutiérrez (COL) 31:44.25
110 metres hurdles 23x15px Paulo Villar (COL) 13.62 23x15px Anselmo da Silva (BRA) 13.78 23x15px Matheus Facho Inocêncio (BRA) 13.84
400 metres hurdles 23x15px Tiago Bueno (BRA) 49.96 23x15px Luis Montenegro (CHI) 50.17 23x15px Raphael Fernandes (BRA) 50.49
3000 metres steeplechase 23x15px Sergio Lobos (CHI) 9:15.42 23x15px Diego Moreno (PER) 9:21.28 23x15px Gladson Barbosa (BRA) 9:22.51
4×100 metres relay 23x15px Brazil (BRA)
Eliezer de Almeida
Basílio de Moraes Júnior
Vicente de Lima
José Carlos Moreira
39.03 23x15px Colombia (COL)
Harlin Echevarría
Eduard Mena
Álvaro Gómez
Paulo Villar
40.17 23x15px Argentina (ARG)
José Manuel Garaventa
Gustavo Aguirre
Iván Altamirano
Mariano Jiménez
4×400 metres relay 23x15px Brazil (BRA)
Fernando de Almeida
Sanderlei Parrela
Eduardo Vasconcelos
Raphael Fernandes
3:03.05 23x15px Colombia (COL)
Geiner Mosquera
Amílcar Torres
Javier Mosquera
Juan Pablo Maturana
3:06.49 23x15px Venezuela (VEN)
Josner Rodríguez
José Céspedes
Víctor Solarte
Roberto Lineros
20,000 m walk 23x15px Gustavo Restrepo (COL) 1:28:12.0 23x15px Xavier Moreno (ECU) 1:29:50.2 23x15px Patricio Ortega (ECU) 1:35:29.1
High jump 23x15px Jessé de Lima (BRA) 2.28 m CR 23x15px Gilmar Mayo (COL) 2.20 m 23x15px Santiago Guerci (ARG)
23x15px Fabio Baptista (BRA)
2.13 m
Pole vault 23x15px Germán Chiaraviglio (ARG) 5.40 m CR= 23x15px Javier Benítez (ARG) 5.35 m 23x15px Fábio Gomes da Silva (BRA) 5.20 m
Long jump 23x15px Rogério Bispo (BRA) 8.32 m (w) 23x15px Louis Tristán (PER) 8.09 m NR 23x15px Rodrigo Araújo (BRA) 8.05 m
Triple jump 23x15px Hugo Chila (ECU) 16.68 m (w) 23x15px Thiago Carahyba Dias (BRA) 16.57 m (w) 23x15px Jhon Murillo (COL) 16.36 m (w)
Shot put 23x15px Germán Lauro (ARG) 18.97 m 23x15px Marco Antonio Verni (CHI) 18.62 m 23x15px Marcelo Moreira (BRA) 17.84 m
Discus throw 23x15px Jorge Balliengo (ARG) 60.19 m 23x15px Ronald Julião (BRA) 57.02 m 23x15px Gustavo Mendonça (BRA) 51.15 m
Hammer throw 23x15px Juan Ignacio Cerra (ARG) 71.20 m 23x15px Patricio Palma (CHI) 67.30 m 23x15px Wagner Domingos (BRA) 67.27 m
Javelin throw 23x15px Noraldo Palacios (COL) 79.09 m NR 23x15px Víctor Fatecha (PAR) 76.79 m NJR 23x15px João Carlos Martins (BRA) 75.26 m
Decathlon 23x15px Carlos Eduardo Chinin (BRA) 7208 pts 23x15px Erik Kerwitz (ARG) 7188 pts 23x15px Enrique Aguirre (ARG) 6683 pts

WR world record | AR area record | CR championship record | GR games record | NR national record | OR Olympic record | PB personal best | SB season best | WL world leading (in a given season)


Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 metres 23x15px Rosemar Coelho Neto (BRA) 11.53 23x15px Yomara Hinestroza (COL) 11.72 23x15px Darlenys Obregón (COL) 11.72
200 metres 23x15px Rosemar Coelho Neto (BRA) 23.44 23x15px Darlenys Obregón (COL) 23.58 23x15px Vanda Gomes (BRA) 23.76
400 metres 23x15px Lucimar Teodoro (BRA) 53.31 23x15px Perla Regina dos Santos (BRA) 53.82 23x15px Alejandra Idrobo (COL) 53.94
800 metres 23x15px Christiane Ritz dos Santos (BRA) 2:10.15 23x15px Muriel Coneo (COL) 2:14.13 23x15px Diana Armas (ECU) 2:18.67
1500 metres 23x15px Juliana de Azevedo (BRA) 4:33.74 23x15px Ana Joaquina Rondón (COL) 4:37.03 23x15px Muriel Coneo (COL) 4:55.24
5000 metres 23x15px Bertha Sánchez (COL) 17:16.39 23x15px Ana Joaquina Rondón (COL) 17:17.11 23x15px Rosa Apaza (BOL) 17:18.31
10,000 metres 23x15px Bertha Sánchez (COL) 37:36.16 23x15px Ednalva da Silva (BRA) 37:37.47 23x15px Rosa Apaza (BOL) 37:38.12
100 metres hurdles 23x15px Maíla Machado (BRA) 13.28 23x15px Francisca Guzmán (CHI) 13.83 23x15px Gilveneide de Oliveira (BRA) 14.06
400 metres hurdles 23x15px Lucimar Teodoro (BRA) 58.16 23x15px Perla dos Santos (BRA) 58.40 23x15px Lucy Jaramillo (ECU) 58.93
3000 metres steeplechase 23x15px Bertha Sánchez (COL) 10:48.44 23x15px Zenaide Vieira (BRA) 10:56.16 23x15px Michelle Barreto de Costa (BRA) 11:34.53
4×100 metres relay 23x15px Brazil (BRA)
Maíla Machado
Lucimar de Moura
Rosemar Coelho Neto
Vanda Gomes
44.72 23x15px Colombia (COL)
Shirley Aragón
María Alejandra Idrobo
Darlenys Obregón
Yomara Hinestroza
44.78 23x15px Ecuador (ECU)
Erika Chávez
Lucy Jaramillo
Mayra Pachito
Victoria Quiñonez
4×400 metres relay 23x15px Brazil (BRA)
Lucimar Teodoro
Perla Regina dos Santos
Sheila Ferreira
Juliana de Azevedo
3:32.56 23x15px Colombia (COL)
Muriel Coneo
Princesa Oliveros
Shirley Aragón
María Alejandra Idrobo
3:37.12 23x15px Ecuador (ECU)
Erika Chávez
Lucy Jaramillo
Diana Armas
Karina Caicedo
20,000 m walk 23x15px Yadira Guamán (ECU) 1:46:06.7 23x15px Luz Villamarín (COL) 1:46:40.3 23x15px Magaly Andrade  (ECU) 1:46:40.4
High jump 23x15px Caterine Ibargüen (COL) 1.90 m 23x15px Solange Witteveen (ARG) 1.82 m 23x15px Eliana Renata da Silva (BRA) 1.82 m
Pole vault 23x15px Fabiana Murer (BRA) 4.47 m CR 23x15px Carolina Torres (CHI) 4.25 m 23x15px Alejandra García (ARG) 4.00 m
Long jump 23x15px Maurren Maggi (BRA) 6.86 m (w) 23x15px Caterine Ibargüen (COL) 6.51 m (w) 23x15px Fernanda Gonçalves (BRA) 6.36 m (w)
Triple jump 23x15px Tânia Ferreira da Silva (BRA) 13.92 m CR 23x15px Caterine Ibargüen (COL) 13.91 m NR 23x15px Fabrícia da Silva (BRA) 13.39 m
Shot put 23x15px Elisângela Adriano (BRA) 17.37 m 23x15px Andréa Pereira (BRA) 16.27 m 23x15px Luz Dary Castro (COL) 16.26 m
Discus throw 23x15px Elisângela Adriano (BRA) 56.18 m 23x15px Luz Dary Castro (COL) 48.88 m 23x15px Karen Gallardo (CHI) 48.75 m
Hammer throw 23x15px Jennifer Dahlgren (ARG) 69.07 m CR 23x15px Eli Johana Moreno (COL) 64.94 m 23x15px Katiuscia de Jesus (BRA) 64.58 m NR
Javelin throw 23x15px Alessandra Resendre (BRA) 58.11 m 23x15px Zuleima Araméndiz (COL) 55.60 m 23x15px Sabina Moya (COL) 54.52 m
Heptathlon 23x15px Elizete da Silva (BRA) 5612 pts 23x15px Jailma de Lima (BRA) 5348 pts 23x15px Andrea Bordalejo (ARG) 5015 pts

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Medal table

File:Maurren Maggi2.jpg
Brazilian Maurren Maggi returned from a doping ban to win her fourth long jump title.
File:Hudson de Souza.jpg
Hudson de Souza won a gold and a silver medal for Brazil.
  The host country is highlighted in lavender blue
Rank Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total
1 23x15px Brazil 26 11 18 55
2 23x15px Colombia 9 18 9 36
3 23x15px Argentina 5 3 5 13
4 23x15px Ecuador 2 2 7 11
5 23x15px Chile 1 6 1 8
6 23x15px Peru 1 3 0 4
7 23x15px Paraguay 0 1 0 1
8 23x15px Bolivia 0 0 3 3
9= 23x15px Uruguay 0 0 1 1
9= 23x15px Venezuela 0 0 1 1
Total 44 44 45 133

Points table

  • Totals are calculated by awarding a country points for each time an athlete finishes in the top six of an event.
Rank Country Total Men Women
1 23x15px Brazil 498
2 23x15px Colombia 317
3 23x15px Argentina 152
4 23x15px Ecuador 116
5 23x15px Chile 67
6 23x15px Peru 28



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