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2008 Cleveland Indians season

2008 Cleveland Indians
Major League affiliations
  • Cleveland, Ohio (since 1901)
  • Other information
    Owner(s) Larry Dolan
    General manager(s) Mark Shapiro
    Manager(s) Eric Wedge
    Local television SportsTime Ohio · WKYC
    Local radio WTAM
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    The 2008 Cleveland Indians season marked the 108th season for the franchise, as the Indians attempted to defend their American League Central division title. The team played all of its home games at Progressive Field (formerly known as Jacobs Field).

    2008 was the final year that the Indians held Spring Training in Winter Haven, Florida, at Chain of Lakes Park. In 2009 the Indians would return to train in Goodyear, Arizona for the first time in 15 years at the new Goodyear Ballpark.

    The Indians approached the winter of 2007–2008 with the idea that tinkering at the edges was what was primarily needed to build on the previous year. Acquired in the offseason were utility infielder Jamey Carroll,[1] Japanese League reliever Masahide Kobayashi[1] and reliever Jorge Julio.[2]

    Regular season

    Season summary


    The Indians ended spring training in March with only one surprise, cutting veteran reliever Aaron Fultz in favor of pick up Craig Breslow (who was cut by the Boston Red Sox).[3] Notable contributors from 2007 to start the year in Buffalo instead of Cleveland were Aaron Laffey, Ben Francisco, Josh Barfield, and Tom Mastny. The Indians opened the regular season with a 10–8 win over the Chicago White Sox.


    The victory in the home opener came with a price: an injury to catcher Victor Martinez. While the offense played well enough to win the opening series, Martinez's missing bat did not help the Indians on their west coast road trip, where they lost series with both the Oakland Athletics and the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Martinez returned to play for the Angels series. The Indians offense continued to struggle as the team failed to win their next four series. Near the end of the month, the Indians swept the Kansas City Royals split a four game series against the New York Yankees and appeared to be coming out of their slump. Starting pitcher Cliff Lee was named American League Pitcher of the Month for April, as he finished the month 5–0 with a 0.96 ERA.


    The sub par offense became such a concern that on May 5, in an attempt to spark more offense, Jason Michaels was designated for assignment and Ben Francisco, the 2007 International League batting champion was called up to play outfield.[4] For the first half of the month, the starting pitching was outstanding, resulting in a 4313 scoreless innings streak[5] But the hitting still hadn't turned a corner and by the end of the month the Indians were still sub .500. Making his Indians debut was highly touted but often injured first baseman Michael Aubrey.[6] The Indians swapped injured starting pitchers as Jake Westbrook came off the disabled list from an intercostal muscle injury just after Fausto Carmona went on it with a hip injury.[7] And to end the month, Travis Hafner was also placed on the disabled list with shoulder soreness.[8]


    Westbrook's return was brief, returning to the disabled list with season ending Tommy John surgery.[9] Victor Martinez also went on the disabled list with elbow problems.[10] And Josh Barfield, called up to replace the slumping Asdrúbal Cabrera, also went on the disabled list.[11] The Indians were one of the few AL clubs not to take great advantage of interleague play, going only 6–12 against the National League.


    After plummeting to last place to start the month, the Indians threw in the towel on the season, trading CC Sabathia to the Milwaukee Brewers for outfielder Matt LaPorta, pitchers Rob Bryson and Zach Jackson and a player to be named later.[12] They also parted ways with Joe Borowski, first designating him for assignment then releasing him.[13] Although the Indians continued to struggle, pitcher Cliff Lee and center fielder Grady Sizemore were recognized for their individual accomplishments by being named to the American League All Star team. Lee was named the starting pitcher for the American League squad, where he pitched two shutout innings. Sizemore also participated in the Home Run Derby; he hit six home runs in the opening round, but it was not enough for him to advance to the second round. The Indians swept a series against the league leading Tampa Bay Rays right before the All-Star break, but continued their relatively uneven play, even with the return of Fausto Carmona in late July. Another victim of the Indians mediocre performance was Casey Blake, who was dealt to the Los Angeles Dodgers for Jon Meloan and baseball player Carlos Santana.[14]


    The Indians continued to struggle through the first week of August. On a road trip to start the month, the team began 2–4 before sweeping the Toronto Blue Jays at the Rogers Centre to finish the road trip 5–4 – the team's first winning road trip since May. The sweep of Toronto began a streak in which the Indians won 16 of 19 games, including 10 in a row to climb into third place in the division. The team clinched its first winning month of the season on August 24. Despite the turnaround, the Indians continued to trade players in order to add depth to their farm system. On August 12, they traded veteran pitcher Paul Byrd to the Boston Red Sox for a player to be named later.[15] Again, one of the Indians bright spots was the play of Cliff Lee, who was named the American League Pitcher of the Month for August.[16]


    The Indians had a significant impact on the division championship this month, in as much as they both slowed the Minnesota Twins from catching the Chicago White Sox and then gave the Twins a chance to win the division outright by beating the Sox two games out of three in the final series. The Twins' losses to Kansas City at the same time, however, forced the White Sox to make up a game against the Detroit Tigers to help decide the division winner. Cliff Lee's spectacular season ended with him having the American League lead in wins and ERA.[17] This effort earned Lee the American League Comeback Player of the Year award[18] and the American League Cy Young Award.[19] Shin-Soo Choo's great September numbers earned him the American League Player of the Month.[20]

    Season standings

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    Game log

    2008 Game Log


    2008 Cleveland Indians
    Pitchers Catchers



    Other batters



    Player stats


    Note: G = Games played; AB = At Bats; R = Runs scored; H = Hits; 2B = Doubles; 3B = Triples; HR = Home runs; RBI = Runs batted in; AVG = Batting average; SB = Stolen bases

    Player G AB R H 2B 3B HR RBI AVG SB
    Michael Aubrey
    <center>45 <center>2 <center>9 <center>0 <center>0 <center>2 <center>3 <center>.200 <center>0
    Josh Barfield <center>12 <center>33 <center>3 <center>6 <center>1 <center>0 <center>0 <center>2 <center>.182 <center>0
    Rick Bauer <center>1 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>.000 <center>0
    Rafael Betancourt <center>3 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>.000 <center>0
    Casey Blake <center>94 <center>325 <center>46 <center>94 <center>24 <center>0 <center>11 <center>58 <center>.289 <center>2
    Joe Borowski <center>2 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>.000 <center>0
    Paul Byrd <center>2 <center>5 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>.000 <center>0
    Asdrúbal Cabrera <center>114 <center>352 <center>48 <center>91 <center>20 <center>0 <center>6 <center>47 <center>.259 <center>4
    Fausto Carmona <center>1 <center>3 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>.000 <center>0
    Jamey Carroll <center>113 <center>347 <center>60 <center>96 <center>13 <center>4 <center>1 <center>36 <center>.277 <center>7
    Shin-Soo Choo <center>94 <center>317 <center>68 <center>98 <center>28 <center>3 <center>14 <center>66 <center>.309 <center>4
    David Dellucci <center>113 <center>336 <center>41 <center>80 <center>19 <center>2 <center>11 <center>47 <center>.238 <center>3
    Scott Elarton <center>2 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>.000 <center>0
    Sal Fasano <center>15 <center>46 <center>5 <center>12 <center>4 <center>0 <center>0 <center>6 <center>.261 <center>0
    Ben Francisco <center>121 <center>447 <center>65 <center>119 <center>32 <center>0 <center>15 <center>54 <center>.266 <center>4
    Ryan Garko <center>141 <center>495 <center>61 <center>135 <center>21 <center>1 <center>14 <center>90 <center>.273 <center>0
    Andy González <center>10 <center>24 <center>3 <center>5 <center>0 <center>0 <center>1 <center>2 <center>.208 <center>0
    Franklin Gutierrez <center>134 <center>399 <center>54 <center>99 <center>26 <center>2 <center>8 <center>41 <center>.248 <center>9
    Travis Hafner <center>57 <center>198 <center>21 <center>39 <center>10 <center>0 <center>5 <center>24 <center>.197 <center>1
    Jorge Julio <center>2 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>.000 <center>0
    Masahide Kobayashi <center>4 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>.000 <center>0
    Aaron Laffey <center>1 <center>2 <center>0 <center>1 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>.500 <center>0
    Cliff Lee <center>2 <center>5 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>.000 <center>0
    Jensen Lewis <center>2 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>.000 <center>0
    Andy Marte <center>80 <center>235 <center>21 <center>52 <center>11 <center>1 <center>3 <center>17 <center>.221 <center>1
    Víctor Martínez <center>73 <center>266 <center>30 <center>74 <center>17 <center>0 <center>2 <center>35 <center>.278 <center>0
    Jason Michaels <center>21 <center>58 <center>3 <center>12 <center>4 <center>0 <center>0 <center>9 <center>.207 <center>1
    Jhonny Peralta <center>154 <center>605 <center>104 <center>167 <center>42 <center>4 <center>23 <center>89 <center>.276 <center>3
    Rafael Perez <center>6 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>.000 <center>0
    C.C. Sabathia <center>1 <center>3 <center>1 <center>1 <center>0 <center>0 <center>1 <center>1 <center>.333 <center>0
    Kelly Shoppach <center>112 <center>352 <center>67 <center>92 <center>27 <center>0 <center>21 <center>55 <center>.261 <center>0
    Grady Sizemore <center>157 <center>634 <center>101 <center>170 <center>39 <center>5 <center>33 <center>90 <center>.268 <center>38
    Jeremy Sowers <center>2 <center>1 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>.000 <center>0
    Jason Tyner <center>1 <center>2 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>.000 <center>0
    Jorge Velandia <center>10 <center>15 <center>1 <center>3 <center>1 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>.200 <center>0
    <center>Totals <center>162 <center>5543 <center>805 <center>1455 <center>339 <center>22 <center>171 <center>772 <center>.262 <center>77


    Note: W = Wins; L = Losses; ERA = Earned run average; G = Games pitched; GS = Games started; SV = Saves; IP = Innings pitched; R = Runs allowed; ER = Earned runs allowed; BB = Walks allowed; K = Strikeouts

    Player W L ERA G GS SV IP R ER BB K
    Rick Bauer <center>0 <center>0 <center>13.50 <center>4 <center>0 <center>0 <center>6.0 <center>9 <center>9 <center>3 <center>4
    Rafael Betancourt <center>3 <center>4 <center>5.07 <center>69 <center>0 <center>4 <center>71.0 <center>41 <center>40 <center>25 <center>64
    Joe Borowski <center>1 <center>3 <center>7.56 <center>18 <center>0 <center>6 <center>16.2 <center>14 <center>14 <center>8 <center>9
    Craig Breslow <center>0 <center>0 <center>3.24 <center>7 <center>0 <center>0 <center>8.1 <center>3 <center>3 <center>5 <center>7
    Paul Byrd <center>7 <center>10 <center>4.53 <center>22 <center>22 <center>0 <center>131.0 <center>70 <center>66 <center>24 <center>56
    Bryan Bullington <center>0 <center>2 <center>4.91 <center>3 <center>2 <center>0 <center>14.2 <center>9 <center>8 <center>2 <center>12
    Fausto Carmona <center>8 <center>7 <center>5.44 <center>22 <center>22 <center>0 <center>120.2 <center>80 <center>73 <center>70 <center>58
    Brendan Donnelly <center>1 <center>0 <center>8.56 <center>15 <center>0 <center>0 <center>13.2 <center>13 <center>13 <center>10 <center>8
    Scott Elarton <center>0 <center>1 <center>3.52 <center>8 <center>0 <center>0 <center>15.1 <center>7 <center>6 <center>9 <center>15
    Matt Ginter <center>1 <center>3 <center>5.14 <center>4 <center>4 <center>0 <center>21.0 <center>12 <center>12 <center>3 <center>12
    Zach Jackson <center>2 <center>3 <center>5.60 <center>9 <center>9 <center>0 <center>54.2 <center>36 <center>34 <center>14 <center>30
    Jorge Julio <center>0 <center>0 <center>5.60 <center>15 <center>0 <center>0 <center>17.2 <center>11 <center>11 <center>11 <center>15
    Masahide Kobayashi <center>4 <center>5 <center>4.53 <center>57 <center>0 <center>6 <center>55.2 <center>30 <center>28 <center>14 <center>35
    Aaron Laffey <center>5 <center>7 <center>4.23 <center>16 <center>16 <center>0 <center>93.2 <center>52 <center>44 <center>31 <center>43
    Cliff Lee <center>22 <center>3 <center>2.54 <center>31 <center>31 <center>0 <center>223.1 <center>68 <center>63 <center>34 <center>170
    Jensen Lewis <center>0 <center>4 <center>3.82 <center>51 <center>0 <center>13 <center>66.0 <center>29 <center>28 <center>27 <center>52
    Scott Lewis <center>4 <center>0 <center>2.63 <center>4 <center>4 <center>0 <center>24.0 <center>9 <center>7 <center>6 <center>15
    Tom Mastny <center>2 <center>2 <center>10.80 <center>14 <center>1 <center>0 <center>20.0 <center>24 <center>24 <center>11 <center>19
    John Meloan <center>0 <center>0 <center>0.00 <center>2 <center>0 <center>0 <center>2.0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>1 <center>2
    Edward Mujica <center>3 <center>2 <center>6.75 <center>33 <center>0 <center>0 <center>38.2 <center>29 <center>29 <center>10 <center>27
    Rafael Perez <center>4 <center>4 <center>3.54 <center>73 <center>0 <center>2 <center>76.1 <center>32 <center>30 <center>23 <center>86
    Anthony Reyes <center>2 <center>1 <center>1.83 <center>6 <center>6 <center>0 <center>34.1 <center>7 <center>7 <center>12 <center>15
    Juan Rincón <center>1 <center>1 <center>5.60 <center>23 <center>0 <center>0 <center>27.1 <center>18 <center>17 <center>8 <center>19
    Rich Rundles <center>0 <center>0 <center>1.80 <center>8 <center>0 <center>0 <center>5.0 <center>1 <center>1 <center>3 <center>6
    C.C. Sabathia <center>6 <center>8 <center>3.83 <center>18 <center>18 <center>0 <center>122.1 <center>54 <center>52 <center>34 <center>123
    Brian Slocum <center>0 <center>0 <center>27.00 <center>2 <center>0 <center>0 <center>2.0 <center>6 <center>6 <center>0 <center>1
    Jeremy Sowers <center>4 <center>9 <center>5.58 <center>22 <center>22 <center>0 <center>121.0 <center>84 <center>75 <center>39 <center>64
    Jake Westbrook <center>1 <center>2 <center>3.12 <center>5 <center>5 <center>0 <center>34.2 <center>13 <center>12 <center>7 <center>19
    <center>Totals <center>81 <center>81 <center>4.45 <center>162 <center>162 <center>31 <center>1437.0 <center>761 <center>711 <center>444 <center>986

    Minor league affiliates

    Classification level Team League Season article
    AAA Buffalo Bisons International League 2008 Buffalo Bisons season
    AA Akron Aeros Eastern League 2008 Akron Aeros season
    Advanced A Kinston Indians Carolina League
    A Lake County Captains South Atlantic League
    Short Season A Mahoning Valley Scrappers New York–Penn League
    Rookie Gulf Coast Indians Gulf Coast League
    Rookie DSL Indians Dominican Summer League


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