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2011 Colombian student protests

File:Marcha 7 de abril.jpg
Students marching on April 7, 2011 against the proposed education reform

The 2011 Colombian student protests was a student protest movement in Colombia. The protest begun as a reaction against a planned reform on the education system in Colombia. On November 16th the reform project was withdrawn from the parliament of Colombia, with student leaders referring to the decision as a victory for the movement.[1]

Student leader Jairo Rivera have claimed that Colombian education is drifting toward "the Chilean model" something he warned against and said that "the Chilean model is the one to not follow".[2]

2011 Colombian student protest and 2011 Chilean student protests leaders have announced a joint bi-national student protest for November 24 of 2011.[3] Chilean newspaper The Clinic have pointed out that these two student protests have in common that they broke out in the only two South American countries ruled by right-wing presidents.[2]