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2011 World Championships in Athletics – Men's 20 kilometres walk


The Men's 20 kilometres walk event at the 2011 World Championships in Athletics was held on August 28 on a loop course starting and finishing at Gukchae - bosang Memorial Park in the center of Daegu. Forty-six men started the competition and 27 countries were represented.

Valeriy Borchin entered as the reigning world and 2008 Olympic champion. The athletes on the Chinese and Russian teams led the rankings that year: Wang Zhen and Chu Yafei were the top two, while Borchin, world record holder Vladimir Kanaykin, and Sergey Morozov were in the top six. Wang Hao, Eder Sánchez and Jared Tallent had also performed well that year, as had Kim Hyun-sub representing the host nation.[1]

Italian Giorgio Rubino and Japan's Yusuke Suzuki were the early leaders after 5 km. The two remained half a minute ahead at 10 km, but Rubino fell off the pace and was later disqualified for lifting both feet off the ground. Borchin and Wang Zhen made up ground on Suzuki and after 15 km Borchin progressively pulled away to win the race and defend his title. In the last 5 km Vladimir Kanaykin and Luis Fernando López finished quickly (some half a minute behind the winner) and came away with the silver and bronze medals, respectively. Wang Zhen held on for fourth and it was Stanislav Emelyanov and Kim Hyun-sub who next crossed the line.[2]

Borchin became only the third walker to win consecutive 20 km world titles, joining Maurizio Damilano and Jefferson Pérez. Although his winning time was not especially quick, the race was undertaken in hot and humid conditions.[3] López's bronze was Colombia's first ever medal in the history of the World Championships in Athletics.[2]


Gold Silver Bronze
Valeriy Borchin
23x15px Russia
Vladimir Kanaykin
23x15px Russia
Luis Fernando López
23x15px Colombia


World Record 23x15px Vladimir Kanaykin (RUS) 1:17:16 Saransk, Russia 29 September 2007
Championship Record 23x15px Jefferson Pérez (ECU) 1:17:21 Paris, France 23 August 2003
World Leading 23x15px Wang Zhen (CHN) 1:18:30 Taicang, China 22 April 2011
African Record 23x15px Hatem Ghoula (TUN) 1:19:02 Eisenhüttenstadt, Germany 10 May 1997
Asian Record 23x15px Zhu Hongjun (CHN) 1:17:41 Cixi, China 23 April 2005
North, Central American and Caribbean record 23x15px Julio René Martínez (GUA) 1:17:46 Eisenhüttenstadt, Germany 8 May 1999
South American record 23x15px Jefferson Pérez (ECU) 1:17:21 Paris, France 23 August 2003
European Record 23x15px Vladimir Kanaykin (RUS) 1:17:16 Saransk, Russia 29 September 2007
Oceanian record 23x15px Nathan Deakes (AUS) 1:17:33 Cixi, China 23 April 2005

Qualification standards

A time B time
1:22:30 1:24:00


Date Time Round
August 28, 2011 09:00 Final


KEY: q Fastest non-qualifiers Q Qualified NR National record PB Personal best SB Seasonal best


Rank Athlete Nationality Time Notes
File:Gold medal icon.svg Valeriy Borchin 23x15px Russia 1:19:56
File:Silver medal icon.svg Vladimir Kanaykin 23x15px Russia 1:20:27
File:Bronze medal icon.svg Luis Fernando López 23x15px Colombia 1:20:38 SB
4 Wang Zhen 23x15px China 1:20:54
5 Stanislav Emelyanov 23x15px Russia 1:21:11
6 Kim Hyun-sub Template:Country data South Korea 1:21:17
7 Ruslan Dmytrenko 23x15px Ukraine 1:21:31 SB
8 Yusuke Suzuki Template:Country data Japan 1:21:39
9 Alex Schwazer 23x15px Italy 1:21:50 SB
10 Erick Barrondo 23x15px Guatemala 1:22:08
11 Chu Yafei 23x15px China 1:22:10
12 Sergey Morozov 23x15px Russia 1:22:37
13 Wang Hao 23x15px China 1:22:49
14 Matej Tóth 23x15px Slovakia 1:22:55
15 Eder Sánchez 23x15px Mexico 1:23:05
16 João Vieira 23x15px Portugal 1:23:26
17 Miguel Ángel López 23x15px Spain 1:23:41
18 Anton Kucmin 23x15px Slovakia 1:23:57
19 James Rendón 23x15px Colombia 1:24:08 SB
20 Horacio Nava 23x15px Mexico 1:24:15
21 Christopher Linke 23x15px Germany 1:24:17
22 Caio Bonfim 23x15px Brazil 1:24:29
23 Trevor Barron 23x15px United States 1:24:33
24 Rafał Augustyn 23x15px Poland 1:24:47
25 Byun Youngjun Template:Country data South Korea 1:24:48
26 Hassanine Sebei 23x15px Tunisia 1:25:17
27 Jared Tallent 23x15px Australia 1:25:25
28 Recep Çelik 23x15px Turkey 1:25:39
29 Nazar Kovalenko 23x15px Ukraine 1:25:50
30 Gurmeet Singh Template:Country data India 1:26:34
31 Babubhai Panucha Template:Country data India 1:26:53
32 David Kimutai Template:Country data Kenya 1:27:20 SB
33 Yerko Araya 23x15px Chile 1:27:47
34 Hédi Teraoui 23x15px Tunisia 1:29:48
35 Diego Flores 23x15px Mexico 1:30:00
36 Juan Manuel Cano 23x15px Argentina 1:30:00
37 Emerson Hernandez 23x15px El Salvador 1:30:48 SB
38 Ronald Quispe 23x15px Bolivia 1:32:09 PB
Moacir Zimmermann 23x15px Brazil DSQ
Gustavo Restrepo 23x15px Colombia DSQ
Giorgio Rubino 23x15px Italy DSQ
Anatole Ibañez 23x15px Sweden DSQ
Adam Rutter 23x15px Australia DNF
Mauricio Arteaga 23x15px Ecuador DNF
Paquillo Fernández 23x15px Spain DNF
Park Chil-sung Template:Country data South Korea DNF


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