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2013 USARL season

2013 USA Rugby League
Teams 6
Premiers File:Philadelphia colours.svg Philadelphia Fight (2nd title)
Minor premiers File:Philadelphia colours.svg Philadelphia Fight (1st title)
Matches played 27

The 2013 USARL season was the third season of the USA Rugby League (USARL). The 2013 season kicked off on Saturday, June 1, and ended with the Championship Final on Saturday, August 24, in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania. The Philadelphia Fight won a double, capturing their second USARL major premiership and their first USARL minor premiership.


The USARL had planned to split 8 teams into 2 conferences to reduce travel costs. However, Oneida FC and the New Haven Warriors folded shortly before the beginning of the season, leaving the league with just 6 teams. Given the reduced number of teams, the USARL decided to retain the single table structure.

Colors Club City State Stadium Foundation Joined
Baltimore Blues Baltimore 23x15px Maryland N/A 2012 2012
<center>File:Ipswich Colours.svg Boston Thirteens Boston 23x15px Massachusetts Steinbrenner Stadium 2009 2011
<center>File:Jacksonville colors.svg Jacksonville Axemen Jacksonville 23x15px Florida Hodges Stadium 2006 2011
<center>File:Philadelphia colours.svg Philadelphia Fight Conshohocken 23x15px Pennsylvania A. A. Garthwaite Stadium 1998 2011
<center>16px Rhode Island Rebellion Providence 20x17px Rhode Island Classical High School 2011 2011
<center>File:St. George colours.svg Washington DC Slayers Washington 23x15px Washington, D.C. Duke Ellington Field 2003 2011

Regular season

Teams qualified for the playoffs based on points, with a win counting for 2 points, a draw for 1, and a loss for 0. There were no bonus points for tries or close losses. Tiebreaker order was (1) head-to-head points, (2) head-to-head aggregate score, and (3) overall point differential.

2013 USARL season
Team Pld W D L PF PA PD Pts
1 File:Philadelphia colours.svg Philadelphia Fight 8 7 0 1 402 152 250 14
2 File:Jacksonville colors.svg Jacksonville Axemen 8 7 0 1 412 136 276 14
3 16px Rhode Island Rebellion 8 4 0 4 366 310 56 8
4 File:St. George colours.svg Washington D.C. Slayers 8 3 0 5 349 212 137 6
5 File:Ipswich Colours.svg Boston Thirteens 8 3 0 5 252 390 -138 6
6 File:Yorkcolours.svg Baltimore Blues 8 0 0 8 44 625 -581 0

Source: USARL website.[1]

The Fight outscored the Axemen 60-58 in aggregate over their two matches, giving the Fight the minor premiership. The Slayers qualified for fourth place over the Thirteens on point differential.


The playoffs consisted of a two-round single-elimination tournament. The four teams with the most points competed in a semi-final round, with the two winners going on to the Championship Final. In the semi-final round, the first-place team hosted the fourth-place, and the second-place team hosted the third-place.

Home Score Away Match Information
Date Venue
File:Jacksonville colors.svg Jacksonville Axemen 44 - 12 22px Rhode Island Rebellion August 10, 2013 Hodges Stadium, Jacksonville
File:Philadelphia colours.svg Philadelphia Fight 52 - 6 File:St. George colours.svg Washington DC Slayers August 10, 2013 A. A. Garthwaite Stadium, Conshohocken
File:Philadelphia colours.svg Philadelphia Fight 28 - 22 File:Jacksonville colors.svg Jacksonville Axemen August 24, 2013 A. A. Garthwaite Stadium, Conshohocken


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