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25th Alaska State Legislature

The 25th Alaska State Legislature served for a term lasting from January 16, 2007 to January 19, 2009. All forty representatives and one-half of the senate (ten members) were elected to their terms on November 7, 2006. The remaining ten senators were elected to their terms on November 2, 2004.


  • First session: January 16, 2007–May 16, 2007
  • Second session: January 15, 2008–April 13, 2008
  • Special session: June 3, 2008–August 7, 2008

In the 2006 elections, a voter initiative championed by freshman Fairbanks representative Jay Ramras was passed by voters, which reduced the statutory length of the session from the existing length of 120 days to 90 days. The changes to the law made by the initiative took effect with the second session of this legislature. Current legislation would make changes to accommodate a 90 session.

Although the second session adjourned on time, some members of the legislature claimed that legislation was rushed and public input was jeopardized.[1]



Alaska Senate
Affiliation Members
  Republican Party 11
  Democratic Party 9

Bipartisan coalition

Shortly after the 2006 November election, a bipartisan coalition was announced between all nine Democratic senators and six of the eleven Republican senators.[2] Democrats will chair the Judiciary, Health, Education, & Social Services, Labor and Commerce, Community and Regional Affairs, and Transportation Committees, as well as co-chair the powerful Finance Committee. The Senate Republicans in the coalition will also have a co-chair for the Finance Committee (the minority Republicans will only be given one seat on the committee), and chair the State Affairs, Resources, and Rules Committees.[3]

Because of the Republican split, the Democrats control a majority of committee chairmanships while Republicans in the governing coalition chair the others. The majority leader is the same legislator as it was in the last session, a Republican, who has joined the bi-partisan coalition. Because of this, the minority leader is head of the five-member Republican organization. Hence, all three listed officers of the body are Republicans, as different aspects are in the majority (with the chamber-wide minority Democrats) while others are in the official minority.

The split is largely viewed as over the Senate presidency. The minority leader was the Republicans' suspected, initial choice for Senate President.[3] The coalition commands three-quarters of the body.

A similar move was made in the 24th Legislature, on the House side. It, however, was torn apart.


The President of the Senate is Republican Lyda Green of District G (Matanuska-Susitna Valley). The Majority Leader is Republican Gary Stevens of District R (Kodiak). The Minority Leader is Republican Gene Therriault of District F (North Pole).

Position Name Party Residence District
President of the Senate Lyda Green Republican Matanuska-Susitna Valley District G
Majority Leader Johnny Ellis Democrat Anchorage District L
Minority Leader Gene Therriault Republican North Pole District F


Alaska State Senate
25th Alaska Legislature, 2007-2008[4][5]
District Name Party Location Term Up
A Bert Stedman Rep-Coalition Sitka 2008
B Kim Elton Dem-Coalition Juneau 2010
C Albert Kookesh Dem-Coalition Angoon 2008
D Joe Thomas Dem-Coalition Fairbanks 2010
E Gary Wilken Republican Fairbanks 2008
F Gene Therriault Republican North Pole 2010
G Lyda Green Rep-Coalition Matanuska-Susitna Valley 2008
H Charlie Huggins Rep-Coalition Wasilla 2010
I Fred Dyson Republican Eagle River 2008
J Bill Wielechowski Dem-Coalition Anchorage 2010
K Bettye Davis Dem-Coalition Anchorage 2008
L Johnny Ellis Dem-Coalition Anchorage 2010
M Hollis French Dem-Coalition Anchorage 2008
N Lesil McGuire Rep-Coalition Anchorage 2010
O Kevin Meyer Rep-Coalition Anchorage 2008
P Con Bunde Republican Anchorage 2010
Q Thomas Wagoner Republican Kenai 2008
R Gary Stevens Rep-Coalition Kodiak 2010
S Lyman F. Hoffman Dem-Coalition Bethel 2010
T Donald Olson Dem-Coalition Nome 2008

Alaska House of Representatives


File:Alaska House of Representatives.png
The House chambers as they appeared during the 25th Legislature.
Alaska State House of Representatives
Affiliation Members
  Republican Party 23
  Democratic Party 17
 Total 40
 Majority 6


Position Name Party Residence District
Speaker John Harris Republican Valdez District 12
Majority Leader Ralph Samuels Republican Anchorage District 29
Minority Leader Beth Kerttula Democratic Juneau District 3


Alaska State House of Representatives
25th Alaska Legislature, 2007-2008[4][5]
District Name Party Location
1 Kyle Johansen Republican Ketchikan
2 Peggy Wilson Republican Wrangell
3 Beth Kerttula Democratic Juneau
4 Andrea Doll Democratic Juneau
5 Bill Thomas Republican Haines
6 Woodie Salmon Democratic Beaver
7 Mike Kelly Republican Fairbanks
8 David Guttenberg Democratic Fairbanks
9 Scott Kawasaki Democratic Fairbanks
10 Jay Ramras Republican Fairbanks
11 John B. Coghill, Jr. Republican North Pole
12 John L. Harris Republican Valdez
13 Carl J. Gatto Republican Palmer
14 Vic Kohring Republican Wasilla
15 Mark A. Neuman Republican Wasilla
16 Bill Stoltze Republican Chugiak/Mat-Su
17 Anna I. Fairclough Republican Eagle River
18 Nancy A. Dahlstrom Republican Anchorage
19 Bob Roses Republican Anchorage
20 Max Gruenberg Democratic Anchorage
21 Harry Crawford Democratic Anchorage
22 Sharon Cissna Democratic Anchorage
23 Les Gara Democratic Anchorage
24 Berta Gardner Democratic Anchorage
25 Mike Doogan Democratic Anchorage
26 Lindsey Holmes Democratic Anchorage
27 Robert "Bob" Buch Democratic Anchorage
28 Craig W. Johnson Republican Anchorage
29 Ralph Samuels Republican Anchorage
30 Kevin Meyer Republican Anchorage
31 Bob Lynn Republican Anchorage
32 Mike Hawker Republican Anchorage
33 Kurt Olson Republican Kenai
34 Charles "Mike" Chenault Republican Nikiski
35 Paul Seaton Republican Homer
36 Gabrielle LeDoux Republican Kodiak
37 Bryce Edgmon Democratic Unalaska
38 Mary Sattler Kapsner Nelson Democratic Bethel
39 Richard Foster Democratic Nome
40 Reggie Joule Democratic Kotzebue

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