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File:10 small subunit.gif
Atomic structure of the 30S Subunit from Thermus thermophilus. Proteins are shown in blue and the single RNA strand in orange.[1]

30S is the smaller subunit of the 70S ribosome of prokaryotes. It is a complex of ribosomal RNA and ribonucleoproteins that functions in mRNA translation. It includes the 16S ribosomal RNA. It has about 21 basic proteins.

The 30S subunit is the site of inhibition for antibiotics such as tetracycline and aminoglycosides.

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50S is the larger subunit of the 70S ribosome of prokaryotes( in the part 50s indicates synthesis)in the cell. It is the site of inhibition for antibiotics such as macrolides, chloramphenicol, clindamycin, and the pleuromutilins. It includes the 5S ribosomal RNA and 23S ribosomal RNA.


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