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31st Grey Cup

31st Grey Cup

<th scope=col style="width:50%;">Hamilton Flying Wildcats</font></th>

<tr> <td style="font-weight:bold">(6-0)</td> <td style="font-weight:bold">(8-1-1)</td> <tr> <td style="font-size:300%; line-height:100%; font-weight:bold;">14</td> <td style="font-size:300%; line-height:100%; font-weight:bold;">23 </tr> <tr> <td>Head coach: 
</td> <td>Head coach: 

</tr> </table></td></tr><tr><td colspan="2" style="text-align:center">

Winnipeg RCAF Bombers</font>
1234 Total
Winnipeg RCAF Bombers 7061 14
Hamilton Flying Wildcats 18032 23
</td></tr><tr><th scope="row" style="text-align:left">Date</th><td>

November 27, 1943</td></tr><tr><th scope="row" style="text-align:left">Stadium</th><td> Varsity Stadium</td></tr><tr><th scope="row" style="text-align:left">Location</th><td class="location"> Toronto</td></tr><tr><th scope="row" style="text-align:left">Attendance</th><td> 16,423</td></tr><tr><td colspan="2" style="text-align:center;border-top:1px solid #aaa">

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The 31st Grey Cup was played on November 27, 1943, before 16,423 fans at Varsity Stadium at Toronto.

The Hamilton Flying Wildcats defeated the Winnipeg RCAF Bombers 23 to 14.

Curiously, both teams wore red and white jerseys and one team had to wear gold and blue uniforms. Surprisingly, Hamilton wore the Bombers traditional gold and blue while Winnipeg was allowed to keep its red jerseys.

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