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3362 Khufu

3362 Khufu
3362 Khufu on November 29, 2007
Khufu takes about 359.47 days to orbit the Sun.[1]
Discovered by R. S. Dunbar, M. Barucci
Discovery site Palomar
Discovery date Aug 30, 1984
Orbital characteristics
Aphelion 1.453 AU
Perihelion 0.5259 AU
0.989 AU
Eccentricity 0.468
0.98 yr
Inclination 9.9 deg
Physical characteristics
Dimensions 0.7 km
Albedo 0.21[1]
Spectral type
B-type asteroid[2]
3362 Khufu is a near-Earth asteroid. It was discovered by R. Scott Dunbar and Maria A. Barucci at the Palomar Observatory in San Diego County, California, on August 30, 1984. Its provisional designation was 1984 QA. It is named after Khufu, an ancient Egyptian pharaoh. Khufu was the 4th Aten asteroid to be numbered.

Khufu crosses the orbits of Mars, Earth, and Venus and makes close approaches to Mercury as well. From 1900 to 2100 it drew nearer than 30 Gm (0.2 AU) to Mercury 26, Venus 27, Earth 20, and Mars 11 times.


Orbit diagram of Khufu asteroid with object location as of May 19, 2013


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  2. ^ based on a high-resolution spectrum by Xu et al. (1995) or Bus and Binzel (2002)

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