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Discovered by Lubos Kohoutek, Hamburg-Bergedorf Observatory
Discovery date February 1975
Orbital characteristics [[1] A]
Epoch 2014-07-02 (JD 2456840.5)
Aphelion 5.3 AU
Perihelion 1.8 AU
Semi-major axis 3.5 AU
Orbital period ~7 years
Inclination 5.9°
Last perihelion July 2014(?)
Next perihelion Lost (2021?)

75D/Kohoutek is a short-period comet discovered in February 1975, by Lubos Kohoutek.

Not to be confused with the much better-known C/1973 Kohoutek, 75D is a repeat visitor to the inner Solar System, with a period of about 7 years. It was last predicted in 2014, but was not seen, nor was it seen in it's previous approaches in 2007, 2000, or in 1994. Apparitions have been dim, with the brightest being in 1988 at about apparent magnitude 13.[2] The comet was estimated to be 4.6km in diameter.[3]

The last observation of this comet was in 1988 and it is now listed at the Minor Planet Center as lost comet 75D/Kohoutek.[1]

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