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ACRISS Car Classification Code

The ACRISS Car Classification Code developed and maintained by ACRISS (the Association of Car Rental Industry Systems Standards) and is designed to enable customers and travel professionals to make an informed choice when booking car rental in Europe, Middle East and Africa. ACRISS Members include Avis, Budget, Alamo, Europcar, Hertz, Sixt and National. Others also subscribe to the codes e.g. Atlas Choice and ASAP Ventures. Many other Car Rental companies also utilise this car coding standard.

Standard codes

The code has four letters, each of which represents an attribute of the vehicle.

First letter: Category

Code Category
M Mini
N Mini Elite
E Economy
H Economy Elite
C Compact
D Compact Elite
I Intermediate
J Intermediate Elite
S Standard
R Standard Elite
F Fullsize
G Fullsize Elite
P Premium
U Premium Elite
L Luxury
W Luxury Elite
O Oversize
X Special

The Elite categories are designed to enable Car Rental companies to differentiate between standard and high-spec or luxury brand models of similar dimensions.

Second letter: Type

Code Type
B 2-3 Door
C 2/4 Door
D 4-5 Door
W Wagon/Estate
V Passenger van
L Limousine
S Sport
T Convertible
J Open-air All Terrain
X Special
P Pickup (regular cab)
Q Pickup (extended cab)
Z Special offer Car
E Coupe
M Monospace
R Recreational vehicle
H Motorhome
Y 2-wheel vehicle
N Roadster
G Crossover
K Commercial van/truck

Third letter: Transmission/Drive

Code Transmission Drive
M Manual Unspecified
N Manual 4-wheel
C Manual All-wheel
A Automatic Unspecified
B Automatic 4-wheel
D Automatic All-wheel

Fourth letter: Fuel/Air Conditioning

Code Fuel Air Cond.
R Unspecified Yes
N Unspecified No
D Diesel Yes
Q Diesel No
H Hybrid Yes
I Hybrid No
E Electric Yes
C Electric No
A Hydrogen Yes
B Hydrogen No
M Multifuel Yes
F Multifuel No
V Petrol Yes
Z Petrol No
U Ethanol Yes
X Ethanol No


  • IDAD - Intermediate, 4/5 doors, automatic transmission, diesel powered w/air-conditioning (e.g. Volkswagen Jetta TDI, Chevrolet Cruze Diesel)
  • ECMZ - Economy, 2/4 doors, manual transmission, gas powered w/o air-conditioning (e.g. Ford Fiesta, Toyota Yaris)
  • PCAV - Premium, 2/4 doors, automatic transmission, gas powered w/air conditioning (e.g. Nissan Maxima, Chrysler 300)
  • IGDV - Intermediate CUV, automatic transmission, gas powered w/air conditioning (e.g. Toyota RAV4, Hyundai Tucson/ix35)

Pseudo codes

Like standard codes, pseudo codes are 4 letters codes. However there is no meaning for individual letters. Pseudo codes can be recognized as they start with an A. They allow simpler description for certain car types.

Code Definition Category Type Transmission/Drive Fuel/Air conditioning
ACAR Any Standard Vehicle Any Any except K, Y,R & H Any Any
ALLB 2-3 Door Any B,C,E or N Any Any
ALLC 2 or 4 Door Any Any Except R, H, Y, K P or Q Any Any
ALLD 4-5 Door Any D, F, G, L, V or W Any Any
AELT Any Elite N, H, D, J, R, G, U, W Any Any Any
ACPR Couple/Roadster Any E or N Any Any
ASPC Non-Standard Fleet Any Any Any Any
APUP Any Pickup Any Q or P Any Any
AWGN Any Estate/Wagon Any V, F, W or G Any Any
AREC Recreational Vehicle Any R or H Any Any
ASUV Any SUV Any F Any Any
AVAN Passenger Van Any V Any Any
ASIX Any 6+ Pax Van I, J, S, R, F, G, P, U, L, W, X, O V Any Any
ASEV Any 7+ Pax van S, R, F, G, P, U, L, W, X, O V Any Any
AEIG Any 8-Pax+ Van P, U, L, W, X, O V Any Any
ANIN Any 9-Pax+ Van L, W, X, O V Any Any
AFWD Any 4WD/ AWD Any Any N, C, B or D Any
ATRV All Terrain Any J Any Any
ACGO Commercial Truck Any K Any Any
ALMO Limousine Any L Any Any
ASPT Sport Any S Any Any
ACNV Convertible Any T Any Any
AOFR Special Offer Car Any Z Any Any
AMNO Monospace Any M Any Any
AMTO Motor Home Any H Any Any
AMCY 2-Wheel Vehicle Any Y Any Any
ACRS Crossover Any G Any Any
AMAN All Manual Transmission Any Any M, N, C Any
AUTO All Automatic Transmission Any Any A, B, D Any
APET All Petrol Powered Vehicles Any Any Any N, V, R, Z
ADSL All Diesel Powered Vehicles Any Any Any D, Q
AGRN Any Lower Emission Vehicles (Hybrid, Electric, LPG, Hydrogen, Ethanol, Multi Fuel) Any Any Any H, I, E, C, L, S, A, B, M, F, U, X
AHYB All Hybrid Vehicles Any Any Any H, I
AELC All Electric Powered Vehicles Any Any Any E, C
AHYD All Hydrogen Powered Vehicles Any Any Any A, B
AMFP All Multi Fuel Powered Vehicles Any Any Any M, F
ACPG All LPG/Compressed Gas – Powered Vehicles Any Any Any L, S
AETH All Ethanol – Powered Vehicles Any Any Any U, X


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