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Systematic (IUPAC) name
Clinical data
1445583-51-6 7pxY
ChemSpider 29763706
Chemical data
Formula C21H23FN4O2
382.43 g/mol

ADB-FUBINACA is a designer drug identified in synthetic cannabis blends in Japan in 2013.[1] The (S) enantiomer of ADB-FUBINACA is claimed in Pfizer patent WO 2009/106982, with a Ki value of 0.36nM at CB1.[2] ADB-FUBINACA features a carboxamide group at the 3-indazole position, like SDB-001 and STS-135. ADB-FUBINACA appears to be the product of rational drug design, since it differs from AB-FUBINACA only by the replacement of the isopropyl group with a tert-butyl group. The stereochemistry of the tert-butyl side-chain in the illicitly sold product is unresolved.[citation needed] Nothing is known of the pharmacological activity of ADB-FUBINACA in humans or other animals.

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