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AFCA Coach of the Year

AFCA Coach of the Year
Awarded for top college football coach
Country United States
Presented by American Football Coaches Association
First awarded 1935
Currently held by
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The AFCA Coach of the Year award is given annually to a college football coach by the American Football Coaches Association (AFCA).[1] The award has had several different sponors over the years, including Eastman Kodak Corporation, and thus also been named the Kodak Coach of the Year Award.


NCAA University Division / Division I-A/FBS

Year Coach Team
1935 Waldorf, LynnLynn Waldorf Northwestern
1936 Harlow, DickDick Harlow Harvard
1937 Mylin, EdwardEdward Mylin Lafayette
1938 Kern, BillBill Kern Carnegie Tech
1939 Anderson, EddieEddie Anderson Iowa
1940 Shaughnessy, ClarkClark Shaughnessy Stanford
1941 Leahy, FrankFrank Leahy Notre Dame
1942 Alexander, BillBill Alexander Georgia Tech
1943 Stagg, Amos AlonzoAmos Alonzo Stagg Pacific
1944 Widdoes, CarrollCarroll Widdoes Ohio State
1945 Macmillin, BoBo McMillin Indiana
1946 Blaik, EarlEarl Blaik Army
1947 Crisler, FritzFritz Crisler Michigan
1948 Oosterbaan, BennieBennie Oosterbaan Michigan
1949 Wilkinson, BudBud Wilkinson Oklahoma
1950 Caldwell, CharlieCharlie Caldwell Princeton
1951 Taylor, ChuckChuck Taylor Stanford
1952 Munn, ClarenceClarence Munn Michigan State
1953 Tatum, JimJim Tatum Maryland
1954 Sanders, Henry RussellHenry Russell Sanders UCLA
1955 Daugherty, DuffyDuffy Daugherty Michigan State
1956 Wyatt, BowdenBowden Wyatt Tennessee
1957 Hayes, WoodyWoody Hayes Ohio State
1958 Dietzel, PaulPaul Dietzel LSU
1959 Schwartzwalder, BenBen Schwartzwalder Syracuse
1960 Warmath, MurrayMurray Warmath Minnesota
1961 Bryant, BearBear Bryant Alabama
1962 Mackay, JohnJohn McKay USC
1963 Royal, DarrellDarrell Royal Texas
1964 Broyles, FrankFrank Broyles Arkansas
Parseghian, AraAra Parseghian Notre Dame
1965 Prothro, TommyTommy Prothro UCLA
1966 Cahill, TomTom Cahill Army
1967 Pont, JohnJohn Pont Indiana
1968 Paterno, JoeJoe Paterno Penn State
1969 Schembechler, BoBo Schembechler Michigan
1970 McClendon, CharlesCharles McClendon LSU
Royal, DarrellDarrell Royal Texas
1971 Bryant, BearBear Bryant Alabama
1972 Mackay, JohnJohn McKay USC
1973 Bryant, BearBear Bryant Alabama
1974 Teaff, GrantGrant Teaff Baylor
1975 Kush, FrankFrank Kush Arizona State
1976 Majors, JohnnyJohnny Majors Pittsburgh
1977 James, DonDon James Washington
1978 Paterno, JoeJoe Paterno Penn State
1979 Bruce, EarleEarle Bruce Ohio State
1980 Dooley, VinceVince Dooley Georgia
1981 Ford, DannyDanny Ford Clemson
1982 Paterno, JoeJoe Paterno Penn State
1983 Hatfield, KenKen Hatfield Air Force
1984 Edwards, LaVellLaVell Edwards BYU
1985 DeBerry, FisherFisher DeBerry Air Force
1986 Paterno, JoeJoe Paterno Penn State
1987 Macpherson, DickDick MacPherson Syracuse
1988 Nehlen, DonDon Nehlen West Virginia
1989 Maccartney, BillBill McCartney Colorado
1990 Ross, BobbyBobby Ross Georgia Tech
1991 Lewis, BillBill Lewis East Carolina
1992 Stallings, GeneGene Stallings Alabama
1993 Alvarez, BarryBarry Alvarez Wisconsin
1994 Osborne, TomTom Osborne Nebraska
1995 Barnett, GaryGary Barnett Northwestern
1996 Snyder, BruceBruce Snyder Arizona State
1997 Carr, LloydLloyd Carr Michigan
1998 Fulmer, PhillipPhillip Fulmer Tennessee
1999 Beamer, FrankFrank Beamer Virginia Tech
2000 Stoops, BobBob Stoops Oklahoma
2001 Coker, LarryLarry Coker Miami
Friedgen, RalphRalph Friedgen Maryland
2002 Tressel, JimJim Tressel Ohio State
2003 Carroll, PetePete Carroll USC
2004 Tuberville, TommyTommy Tuberville Auburn
2005 Paterno, JoeJoe Paterno Penn State
2006 Grobe, JimJim Grobe Wake Forest
2007 Mangino, MarkMark Mangino Kansas
2008 Whittingham, KyleKyle Whittingham Utah
2009 Patterson, GaryGary Patterson TCU
2010 Kelly, ChipChip Kelly Oregon
2011 Miles, LesLes Miles LSU
2012 Kelly, BrianBrian Kelly Notre Dame
2013 Cutcliffe, DavidDavid Cutcliffe Duke
2014 Patterson, GaryGary Patterson TCU

NCAA Division I-AA/FCS

Year Coach Team
1983 Dempsey, ReyRey Dempsey Southern Illinois
1984 Arnold, DaveDave Arnold Montana State
1985 Sheridan, DickDick Sheridan Furman
1986 Russell, ErkErk Russell Georgia Southern
1987 Duffner, MarkMark Duffner Holy Cross
1988 Satterfield, JimmyJimmy Satterfield Furman
1989 Russell, ErkErk Russell Georgia Southern
1990 Stowers, TimTim Stowers Georgia Southern
1991 Tressel, JimJim Tressel Youngstown State
1992 Taaffe, CharlieCharlie Taaffe The Citadel
1993 Allen, DanDan Allen Boston University
1994 Tressel, JimJim Tressel Youngstown State
1995 Read, DonDon Read Montana
1996 Tellier, RayRay Tellier Columbia
1997 Talley, AndyAndy Talley Villanova
1998 Whipple, MarkMark Whipple UMass
1999 Johnson, PaulPaul Johnson Georgia Southern
2000 Johnson, PaulPaul Johnson Georgia Southern
2001 Johnson, BobbyBobby Johnson Furman
2002 Harbaugh, JackJack Harbaugh Western Kentucky
2003 Biddle, DickDick Biddle Colgate
2004 Matthews, MickeyMickey Matthews James Madison
2005 Moore, JerryJerry Moore Appalachian State
2006 Moore, JerryJerry Moore Appalachian State
2007 Moore, JerryJerry Moore Appalachian State
2008 London, MikeMike London Richmond
2009 Talley, AndyAndy Talley Villanova
2010 Keeler, K. C.K. C. Keeler Delaware
2011 Fritz, WillieWillie Fritz Sam Houston State
2012 Bohl, CraigCraig Bohl North Dakota State
2013 Bohl, CraigCraig Bohl North Dakota State
2014 McDonnell, SeanSean McDonnell New Hampshire

NCAA College Division / Division II

This includes NCAA Division II and NAIA from 1983 to 2005.

Year Coach Team
1960 Woodson, Warren B.Warren B. Woodson New Mexico State
1961 Gaither, JakeJake Gaither Florida A&M
1962 Edwards, BillBill Edwards Wittenberg
1963 Edwards, BillBill Edwards Wittenberg
1964 Stasavich, ClarenceClarence Stasavich East Carolina
1965 Curtice, JackJack Curtice UC Santa Barbara
1966 Jessee, DanDan Jessee Trinity (CT)
1967 Moore, AndyAndy Moore Chattanooga
1968 Root, JimJim Root New Hampshire
1969 Naviaux, LarryLarry Naviaux Boston University
1970 Ellender, BennieBennie Ellender Arkansas State
1971 Raymond, TubbyTubby Raymond Delaware
1972 Raymond, TubbyTubby Raymond Delaware
1973 Maurer, DaveDave Maurer Wittenberg
1974 Kramer, RoyRoy Kramer Central Michigan
1975 Maurer, DaveDave Maurer Wittenberg
1976 Dennison, JimJim Dennison Akron
1977 Manlove, BillBill Manlove Widener
1978 Tressel, LeeLee Tressel Baldwin–Wallace
1979 Narduzzi, BillBill Narduzzi Youngstown State
1980 Carter, Rick E.Rick E. Carter Dayton
1981 Ragazzo, VitoVito Ragazzo Shippensburg
1982 Wacker, JimJim Wacker Southwest Texas State
1983 Morton, DonDon Morton North Dakota State
1984 Gailey, ChanChan Gailey Troy State
1985 Landis, GeorgeGeorge Landis Bloomsburg
1986 Solomonson, EarleEarle Solomonson North Dakota State
1987 Rhoades, RickRick Rhoades Troy State
1988 Hager, RockyRocky Hager North Dakota State
1989 Williams, JohnJohn Williams Mississippi College
1990 Hager, RockyRocky Hager North Dakota State
1991 Broyles, ChuckChuck Broyles Pittsburg State
1992 Burgess, BillBill Burgess Jacksonville State
1993 Wallace, BobbyBobby Wallace North Alabama
1994 Wallace, BobbyBobby Wallace North Alabama
1995 Wallace, BobbyBobby Wallace North Alabama
1996 Glenn, JoeJoe Glenn Northern Colorado
1997 Glenn, JoeJoe Glenn Northern Colorado
1998 Tjeerdsma, MelMel Tjeerdsma Northwest Missouri State
1999 Tjeerdsma, MelMel Tjeerdsma Northwest Missouri State
2000 Hale, DannyDanny Hale Bloomsburg
2001 Lennon, DaleDale Lennon North Dakota
2002 Kelly, BrianBrian Kelly Grand Valley State
2003 Kelly, BrianBrian Kelly Grand Valley State
Van Diest, MikeMike Van Diest Carroll (MT)
2004 Hatcher, ChrisChris Hatcher Valdosta State
2005 Martin, ChuckChuck Martin Grand Valley State
2006 Martin, ChuckChuck Martin Grand Valley State
2007 Dean, DavidDavid Dean Valdosta State
2008 Tjeerdsma, MelMel Tjeerdsma Northwest Missouri State
2009 Tjeerdsma, MelMel Tjeerdsma Northwest Missouri State
2010 Nielson, BobBob Nielson Minnesota–Duluth
2011 Winters, PaulPaul Winters Wayne State (MI)
2012 Dean, DavidDavid Dean Valdosta State
2013 Dorrel, AdamAdam Dorrel Northwest Missouri State
2014 Wristen, JohnJohn Wristen CSU–Pueblo

NCAA Division III

This includes NCAA Division III and NAIA from 1983 to 1995.

Year Coach Team
1983 Reade, BobBob Reade Augustana (IL)
1984 Reade, BobBob Reade Augustana (IL)
1985 Reade, BobBob Reade Augustana (IL)
1986 Reade, BobBob Reade Augustana (IL)
1987 Hameline, WaltWalt Hameline Wagner
1988 Butterfield, JimJim Butterfield Ithaca
1989 Kelly, MikeMike Kelly Dayton
1990 Okeefe, KenKen O'Keefe Allegheny
1991 Butterfield, JimJim Butterfield Ithaca
1992 Luckhardt, JohnJohn Luckhardt Washington & Jefferson
1993 Kehres, LarryLarry Kehres Mount Union
1994 Schmidt, PetePete Schmidt Albion
1995 Harring, RogerRoger Harring Wisconsin–La Crosse
1996 Kehres, LarryLarry Kehres Mount Union
1997 Kehres, LarryLarry Kehres Mount Union
1998 Kehres, LarryLarry Kehres Mount Union
1999 Westering, FrostyFrosty Westering Pacific Lutheran
2000 Kehres, LarryLarry Kehres Mount Union
2001 Kehres, LarryLarry Kehres Mount Union
2002 Kehres, LarryLarry Kehres Mount Union
2003 Gagliardi, JohnJohn Gagliardi Saint John's (MN)
2004 Locey, JayJay Locey Linfield
2005 Berezowitz, BobBob Berezowitz Wisconsin–Whitewater
2006 Kehres, LarryLarry Kehres Mount Union
2007 Leipold, LanceLance Leipold Wisconsin–Whitewater
2008 Kehres, LarryLarry Kehres Mount Union
2009 Leipold, LanceLance Leipold Wisconsin–Whitewater
2010 Leipold, LanceLance Leipold Wisconsin–Whitewater
2011 Leipold, LanceLance Leipold Wisconsin–Whitewater
2012 Caruso, GlennGlenn Caruso St. Thomas (MN)
2013 Leipold, LanceLance Leipold Wisconsin–Whitewater
2014 Leipold, LanceLance Leipold Wisconsin–Whitewater


NAIA was included in the Division II and III groups until 2006 when it was broken into its own category.

Year Coach Team
2006 DeBoer, KalenKalen DeBoer Sioux Falls
2007 Van Diest, MikeMike Van Diest Carroll (MT)
2008 DeBoer, KalenKalen DeBoer Sioux Falls
2009 DeBoer, KalenKalen DeBoer Sioux Falls
2010 Van Diest, MikeMike Van Diest Carroll (MT)
2011 Feminis, MikeMike Feminis Saint Xavier
2012 Ryan, SteveSteve Ryan Morningside
2013 Woodley, MikeMike Woodley Grand View
2014 Henninger, MarkMark Henninger Marian


Assistant Coach of the Year Award

The Assistant Coach of the Year Award is presented to a deserving assistant coach in each of the four NCAA football divisions and the NAIA. The award was created to honor assistant coaches who excel in community service, commitment to the student-athlete, on-field coaching success and AFCA and professional organization involvement.[3]

Year Division Coach Team
1997 Division I-A Alan Gooch UCF
1997 Division I-AA Alonzo Lee Hampton
1997 Division II Richard Cundiff Texas A&M–Kingsville
1997 Division III Roland Christensen Wisconsin–La Crosse
1997 NAIA Samuel Wickliffe Campbellsville
1998 Division I-A Richard Bell Air Force
1998 Division I-AA John Wright Hampton
1998 Division II Wesley McGriff Kentucky State
1998 Division III Mike Plinske Bethel (MN)
1998 NAIA Eric Graves Campbellsville
1999 Division I-A Jerry Sandusky Penn State
1999 Division I-AA David Bailiff Southwest Texas State
1999 Division II Mike Moroski UC Davis
1999 Division III Don Montgomery Mount Union
1999 NAIA Haywood Riner Campbellsville
2000 Division I-A John Gutekunst South Carolina
2000 Division I-AA John Shannon Jackson State
2000 Division II Kyle Schweigert North Dakota
2000 Division III Don DeWaard Central College
2000 NAIA Bill O'Boyle Hastings
2001 Division I-A Fred Jackson Michigan
2001 Division I-AA Tom Gilmore Lehigh
2001 Division II Bart Tatum Northwest Missouri State
2001 Division III Chris Meidt Bethel (MN)
2001 NAIA Roger VanDeZande Southern Oregon
2002 Division I-A Ron Aiken Iowa
2002 Division I-AA Roy Wittke Eastern Illinois
2002 Division II Tony Ierulli Shippensburg
2002 Division III Brian Ward Wabash
2002 NAIA Charles Gartenmayer Benedictine
2003 Division I-A Chuck Petersen Air Force
2003 Division I-AA Donovan Rose Hampton
2003 Division II Mike Turner Carson–Newman
2003 Division III Pedro Arruza Washington University
2003 NAIA Mike Gardner Tabor
2004 Division I-A Brian White Wisconsin
2004 Division I-AA Tony Pierce Alabama State
2004 Division II Brian Hughes C. W. Post
2004 Division III Keith Emery Johns Hopkins
2004 NAIA Nick Howlett Carroll (MT)
2005 Division I-A Michael Haywood Notre Dame
2005 Division I-AA Galen Scott Illinois State
2005 Division II Cary Fowler Midwestern State
2005 Division III Dan Garrett Kean
2005 NAIA Allen Friesen Dana
2006 Football Bowl Subdivision John Chavis Tennessee
2006 Football Championship Subdivision Sam Eddy Youngstown State
2006 Division II Mike Terwilliger East Stroudsburg
2006 Division III Jeff Wojtowicz Mount Union
2006 NAIA Colby Hensley Kansas Wesleyan
2007 Football Bowl Subdivision Calvin Magee West Virginia
2007 Football Championship Subdivision Tom Matukewicz Southern Illinois
2007 Division II Scott Bostwick Northwest Missouri State
2007 Division III Neal Neathery Wabash
2007 NAIA Ryan Nourse Morningside
2008 Football Bowl Subdivision Mac McWhorter Texas
2008 Football Championship Subdivision John Loose Lafayette
2008 Division II Matt Entz Winona State
2008 Division III Dick Bowzer Central College
2008 NAIA Dennis Murphy Benedictine
2009 Football Bowl Subdivision Mike MacIntyre Duke
2009 Football Championship Subdivision Mark Speir Appalachian State
2009 Division II David Needs Carson–Newman
2009 Division III Jeff Thomas Redlands
2009 NAIA Josh Gehring Morningside
2010 Football Bowl Subdivision Luke Fickell Ohio State
2010 Football Championship Subdivision Rick Fox Drake
2010 Division II Joe Lorig Central Washington
2010 Division III Chris Rusiewicz Ursinus
2010 NAIA Doug Schleeman Montana Tech
2011 Football Bowl Subdivision Norm Parker Iowa
2011 Football Championship Subdivision Jason McEndoo Montana State
2011 Division II Hank McClung Central Missouri
2011 Division III Greg Peterson Bethel (MN)
2011 NAIA Craig Mullins Georgetown (KY)
2012 Football Bowl Subdivision Kirby Smart Alabama
2012 Football Championship Subdivision John Revere Eastern Kentucky
2012 Division II A. J. Blazek Winona State
2012 Division III Joe Early Middlebury
2012 NAIA Gregg Horner Valley City State
2013 Football Bowl Subdivision Chad Morris Clemson
2013 Football Championship Subdivision John Banaszak Robert Morris (NJ)
2013 Division II Denares Waites Carson–Newman
2013 Division III Michael Schmidt Dubuque
2013 NAIA Jim Hogan Carroll (MT)
2014 Football Bowl Subdivision Gary Campbell Oregon
2014 Football Championship Subdivision Robert Wimberly Liberty
2014 Division II Joel Williams Delta State
2014 Division III John Davis Gallaudet
2014 NAIA Alan Dykens Graceland

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