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Produced From late 2003 to present
Common manufacturer(s)
Max. CPU clock rate 1600 MHz to 3200 MHz
FSB speeds 800 MHz to 1000 MHz
Min. feature size 65 nm to 130 nm
Instruction set AMD64
Predecessor K7
Successor K9
Core name(s)

The AMD K8 is a computer processor microarchitecture designed by AMD as the successor to the AMD K7 microarchitecture. The K8 was the first implementation of the AMD64 64-bit extension to the x86 processor architecture.

Processors based on the K8 core include:

The K8 core is very similar to the K7. The most radical change is the integration of AMD64 instructions and an on-chip memory controller. The memory controller drastically reduces memory latency and is responsible for most of the performance gains from K7 to K8.

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