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ASEAN ParaGames

ASEAN ParaGames
ASEAN Para Games Logo
First event Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 25–30 October 2001
Occur every 2 years
Last event Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar on 14–20 January 2014

The ASEAN Para Games is a biannual multi-sport event held after every Southeast Asian Games for ASEAN athletes with physical disabilities. The games are participated by the 11 countries located in Southeast Asia. The Para Games, patterned after the Paralympic Games, are played by physically challenged athletes with mobility disabilities, visual disabilities, who are amputees and those with cerebral palsy.

The ASEAN ParaGames is under the regulation of the ASEAN Para Sports Federation (APSF). The games are hosted by the same country where the SEA Games took place.


Future Games
Recently concluded
Previous Games
The Sailing event held in Port Dickson was a full medal sport.
Selected to host the 2009 SEA Games, Laos begged off from hosting the 5th ASEAN ParaGames due to financial difficulty and inexperience in providing necessary support for athletes with disabilities. This edition of the Para Games was also notable for being launched into action 5 months ahead of the 2009 Sea Games.
The Paralympic shooting event was a full medal sport.
Sailing introduced as a demo sport.
Wheelchair basketball and Wheelchair tennis was played for the first time.
Timor Leste was formally included in the Games increasing its member countries to eleven.
The APSF was conceived in the special meeting of the National Paralympic Committee of the ASEAN countries during the 10th Malaysian Paralympiad and the ASEAN Cities Invitational. The ASEAN Para Games, the "parallel" sports event for the disabled after every Southeast Asian Games (SEA Games), was patterned after the Paralympics and the FESPIC Games.


  • To promote friendship and solidarity among persons with disabilities in the ASEAN region through sports;
  • To promote and develop sports for the differently abled;
  • To rehabilitate and integrate persons with disability into mainstream society through sports.[citation needed]

The design shows the Asean logo positioned with the symbol and image of Paralympic and a victory laurel.

Participant Countries

Code Nation / IOC designation First use ISO–code Notes
BRU 23x15px Brunei
(IOC designation: Brunei Darussalam)
1988 BRN
CAM 23x15px Cambodia 1956 KHM
INA Template:Country data Indonesia 1956 IDN IHO 1952
LAO 23x15px Laos
(IOC designation: Lao People's Democratic Republic)
1980 LAO
MAS 23x15px Malaysia 1956 MYS
MYA 23x15px Burma 1996 MMR BIR 1948–1992
PHI 23x15px Philippines 1924 PHL
SIN 23x15px Singapore 1948 SGP
THA 23x15px Thailand 1952 THA
TLS 23x15px Timor-Leste 2004 TLS IOA 2000
VIE 23x15px Vietnam
(IOC designation: Viet Nam)
1952 VNM


Target Sports

Ball Sports

Water Sports

  • Sailing
  • Swimming


Year Games Host City File:Gold medal icon.svg Winner File:Gold medal icon.svg 2nd place File:Gold medal icon.svg 3rd place
2001 I 23x15px Kuala Lumpur 23x15px Malaysia (132) 23x15px Thailand (130) 23x15px Myanmar (38)
2003 II 23x15px Hanoi1 23x15px Thailand (101) 23x15px Vietnam (81) 23x15px Malaysia (54)
2005 III 23x15px Manila 23x15px Thailand (139) 23x15px Vietnam (80) 23x15px Malaysia (75)
2008 IV 23x15px Nakhon Ratchasima 23x15px Thailand (256) 23x15px Malaysia (81) 23x15px Vietnam (78)
2009 V 23x15px Kuala Lumpur2 23x15px Thailand (157) 23x15px Malaysia (94) 23x15px Vietnam (73)
2011 VI Template:Country data Indonesia Solo 23x15px Thailand (126) Template:Country data Indonesia (113) 23x15px Malaysia (51)
2014 VII 23x15px Nay Pyi Taw Template:Country data Indonesia (99) 23x15px Thailand (96) 23x15px Malaysia (50)
2015 VIII 23x15px Singapore
2017 IX 23x15px Kuala Lumpur

1 Timor-Leste was formally included in the Games increasing its member countries to eleven.
2 Originally planned to be held in Laos.

Gold medal tally

Country File:Gold medal icon.svg Champions File:Gold medal icon.svg 2nd place File:Gold medal icon.svg 3rd place
23x15px Thailand 5 Times 2 Times
23x15px Malaysia 1 Times 2 Times 4 Times
Template:Country data Indonesia 1 Times 1 Times
23x15px Vietnam 2 Times 2 Times
23x15px Myanmar 1 Times

Hosting tally

Country Event Hosted Year Hosted
23x15px Malaysia 3 2001, 20091, (2017)
Template:Country data Indonesia 1 2011
23x15px Burma 1 2014
23x15px Philippines 1 2005
23x15px Thailand 1 2008
23x15px Vietnam 1 2003
23x15px Brunei 1 (2019)
23x15px Cambodia 1 (2023)
23x15px Laos 1 (2021)
23x15px Singapore 1 (2015)
23x15px Timor-Leste 1 (2025)

1 Laos was to host the 5th ASEAN ParaGames but cancelled.

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