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ATPase, Na+/K+ transporting, alpha 1

SymbolsATP1A1 ; MGC3285; MGC51750
External IDsOMIM182310 MGI88105 HomoloGene564 IUPHAR: 833 ChEMBL: 1807 GeneCards: ATP1A1 Gene
EC number3.6.3.9
RNA expression pattern
File:PBB GE ATP1A1 220948 s at tn.png
More reference expression data
RefSeq (mRNA)NM_000701NM_144900
RefSeq (protein)NP_000692NP_659149
Location (UCSC)Chr 1:
116.92 – 116.95 Mb
Chr 3:
101.58 – 101.6 Mb
PubMed search[1][2]
Gastric H+/K+-ATPase, N terminal domain
File:PDB 1iwc EBI.jpg
tfe-induded structure of the n-terminal domain of pig gastric h/k-atpase
Symbol H-K_ATPase_N
Pfam PF09040
InterPro IPR015127

Sodium/potassium-transporting ATPase subunit alpha-1 is an enzyme that in humans is encoded by the ATP1A1 gene.[1]

The protein encoded by this gene belongs to the family of P-type cation transport ATPases, and to the subfamily of Na+/K+-ATPases. Na+/K+-ATPase is an integral membrane protein responsible for establishing and maintaining the electrochemical gradients of Na and K ions across the plasma membrane. These gradients are essential for osmoregulation, for sodium-coupled transport of a variety of organic and inorganic molecules, and for electrical excitability of nerve and muscle. This enzyme is composed of two subunits, a large catalytic subunit (alpha) and a smaller glycoprotein subunit (beta). The catalytic subunit of Na+/K+-ATPase is encoded by multiple genes. This gene encodes an alpha 1 subunit. Alternatively spliced transcript variants encoding different isoforms have been identified.[1]

In melanocytic cells ATP1A1 gene expression may be regulated by MITF.[2]

Clinical relevance

Mutations in this gene have been associated with aldosterone-producing adenomas and secondary hypertension. (PMID 23416519).


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