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Abd El Aziz Muhammad Hegazi

Abd El Aziz Muhammad Hegazi (also known as Abdulaziz Hijazi) (Arabic: عبد العزيز محمد حجازي‎, IPA: [ʕæbdelˈʕæziːz mæˈħæmmæd ħeˈɡæːzi]; 3 January 1923 – 22 December 2014) was the Prime Minister of Egypt during the presidency of Anwar Al Sadat.[1]


Hegazy served as Minister of the Treasury 1968 to 1972, and Minister of Finance and Foreign Trade 1973 to 1974.[2] He was prime minister from 25 September 1974 to 16 April 1975.[3] He was the head of the General Federation of Civil Society Groups.[4]


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Preceded by
Anwar Sadat
Prime Minister of Egypt
Succeeded by
Mamdouh Muhammad Salem

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