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Academy Awards pre-show

The Academy Awards pre-show (currently known as Oscars Red Carpet Live) is a live televised pre-show which precedes the start of the Academy Awards telecast by 90 minutes (previously by 30 minutes until 2011). The pre-show takes place on the red carpet surrounding the theater which holds the telecast, and is almost always hosted by various media personalities, such as Regis Philbin, Chris Connelly, Tim Gunn, and Robin Roberts.

In February 2011, ABC announced that due to the ending of Barbara Walters' Oscar Special,[1] the pre-show would instead take place 90 (rather than 30) minutes before the start time of the Oscar telecast, beginning with the 83rd Academy Awards ceremony.


Beginning with the 1st Academy Awards, there were no Oscar pre-shows. Instead, photographers and interviewers would approach the ceremonys nominees and other attendees as usual. However, these events were neither televised nor heard on the radio prior to the ceremony. In 1979, Regis Philbin officially began the very first red carpet pre-show. However, this event was actually produced by KABC-TV, the ABC O&O station in Los Angeles, and was not broadcast elsewhere. Ten years later, in 1989, both MTV and Movie Time (which became E! a year later) began their red carpet pre-shows with focus on fashion. It would pass another decade, in 1999, when the AMPAS eventually produced its own red carpet pre-show. ABC, the current official broadcaster of the Oscar ceremony, also airs the Oscar pre-show.


The pre-show usually employs the use of recent TV or media personalities as the hosts, who interview the nominees and attendees and sometimes introduce special segments in the moments preceding the ceremony. Below is a listing of the hosts of the pre-show since the 74th Academy Awards ceremony held in 2002.


The title has changed throughout the years. Most recently, from the 75th Academy Awards until the 78th Academy Awards, the pre-show was titled "Oscar Countdown". The following year, at the 79th Academy Awards, it was titled "Road to the Oscars". At the 80th Academy Awards, 81st Academy Awards, and 82nd Academy Awards, the pre-show was titled "Oscars Red Carpet". Each title used throughout the years has featured the year of the ceremony with it. Since the 83rd Academy Awards, the pre-show has been titled The Oscars Red Carpet Live.

TV Ratings

  • 1990: [Barbara Walters Special: 28.5 million; 8pm]
  • 2002: 26 million (8pm) [Barbara Walters Special: 17 million; 7pm]
  • Oscar Countdown 2003 (March): 19.5 (7:30pm) [ABC News Special: 11.4 million; 7pm]
  • Oscar Countdown 2004: 17.3 rating (8pm) [Barbara Walters Special: 8.9 rating; 7pm]
  • Oscar Countdown 2005: 27.7 million viewers (8pm)
  • 2007: 27.1 million (8pm) [Barbara Walters Special: 14.5 million; 7pm]
  • 2008: 21.5 million (8pm) [Barbara Walters Special: 11.7 million; 7pm]
  • 2009: 24.4 million (8pm) [Barbara Walters Special: 11.5 million; 7pm]
  • 2010 (March): 25.3 million (8pm) [Barbara Walters Special: 15 million; 7pm] [1]
  • 2011: 26.605 million (8pm) [2]
  • 2012: 12.6 (7pm); 16.6 million (7:30pm); 24.1 million (8pm) [3] [4]
  • 2013: 12.4 million (7pm); 16.5 million (7:30pm); 25.5 million (8pm) [5]
  • 2014 (March): 14.8 million (7pm); 18.7 million (7:30pm); 26.9 million (8pm) [6]
  • 2015: 12.94 million (7pm); 16.93 million (7:30pm); 23.81 million (8pm) [7]

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