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Accent Radio Network

Accent Radio Network
Type Radio network
Country 23x15px United States
Availability National, through regional affiliates
Key people
Jim Feijo, Patricia Feijo
Launch date
December 4, 2000
Official website
Official website

The Accent Radio Network is a Rhode Island-based radio network with a Christian-conservative political point of view. Accent Radio Network was founded in the summer of 2000 by James and Patricia Feijo and went on air December 4, 2000. The Accent Radio Network airs programming original to the network as well as syndicated programs including; The Laura Ingraham Show and Monica Crowley.[1]

Programming from Accent Radio Network, which includes some Talk radio format programs, is currently carried by 18 affiliates located across the United States, mostly very small stations located in small markets. These affiliates are especially concentrated in Missouri (three affiliates), Utah (two affiliates), and the Southeastern United States (nine affiliates). ARN programming is available at no charge to affiliates. ARN also provides listeners in extended areas with audio streaming via the World Wide Web, consumer Digital Video Broadcasting satellite, and a Roku channel.

James and Patricia Feijo are hosts of a program on the network called HealthWatch which promotes a "God-centered view of health and healing."[2] In May 2012, a U.S. District Court judge found that the Feijos had violated an injunction against making claims on their radio show and websites for the cancer-curing effects of natural products sold through their business, Daniel Chapter One.[3]


Original programming on ARN includes:

  • Daniel Chapter One Truthwatch, with Jim and Tricia Feijo
  • Straight Talk, with Jerry Hughes
  • Home-&-Garden Radio, with Michael Crose
  • Conceived in Liberty, with Jerry Hughes
  • Sunday Accents

In addition, ARN works with several other networks that simulcast ARN programming, or ARN simulcasts their programming. Some of those networks include:

  • IRN/USA Radio Network
  • Business Talk Radio Network


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