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Acronis International GmbH
Privately held company
Industry Software
Genre Technology
Founded 2003
Founder Serguei Beloussov,[1] Max Tsypliaev, Ilya Zubarev [2]
Headquarters Rheinweg 9, 8200 Schaffhausen, Switzerland
Number of locations
Eighteen offices (18) [3]
Area served
Key people
Serguei Beloussov, CEO
Products Acronis True Image,[4] Acronis Disk Director,[5] Acronis Online Backup,[6] Acronis Migrate Easy, Acronis Backup, Acronis Access, Acronis ExtremeZ-IP, Acronis Storage, Acronis Backup as a Service

Acronis International GmbH is a private Swiss company which provides data protection solutions worldwide. Acronis develops software for backup, disaster recovery, and secure file sharing and data access. Founded in 2003, the majority of Acronis’ customers are small and medium-sized enterprises with several hundred employees. Acronis provides comprehensive backup and recovery solutions for both physical and virtual environments, Windows and Linux servers, as well as multiple hypervisors.[7]

Acronis is powered by AnyData Technology, an engine that delivers data protection for specific workloads and powers Acronis' "new generation of data protection."[8] AnyData Technology blends multiple technologies into a single solution that protects any data, across any environment, in any location. It is designed to enable backup, disaster recovery and secure access for files, applications and systems across virtual, physical, cloud and mobile environments.[9]

The company has produced more than 50 advanced backup and recovery technologies. Its flagship SMB product is Acronis Backup, while within the consumer market its main product is Acronis True Image. Enterprises also use Acronis solutions to address their point disaster recovery, migration and endpoint backup needs. Acronis’ file access, sync and share solutions also target the enterprise.


Acronis was founded by Serguei Beloussov, Ilya Zubarev, and Max Tsyplyaev in 2001 as a separate business unit within SWsoft.[10] In 2003, Acronis was spun off as a separate company.[11] Originally focused on disk partitioning and boot loader software, the company moved into backup and disaster recovery software based on disk imaging technology. Acronis’ flagship product for corporate backup was Acronis True Image until 2009, at which time the product was redesigned for the consumer market. Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 became its foremost offering for the SMB market. Acronis Backup & Recovery was then renamed to Acronis Backup in 2014.

In September 2012, Acronis acquired GroupLogic, Inc., giving it enterprise mobility solutions, file sharing capabilities and the ability to integrate Apple devices into enterprise environments. As part of the purchase, Acronis acquired GroupLogic products including as mobilEcho, activEcho and ExtremeZ-IP.[12] As a result of the deal, GroupLogic gained access to Acronis’ customer base. Then-CEO Chris Broderick stated that the acquisition would allow them to sell products at a scale “that would be very, very expensive to acquire organically as a small company.”[13]

In May 2013, co-founder and Board Director, Serguei Beloussov, returned to lead the company as CEO. He returned to strengthen Acronis' consumer and medium-sized business products and create a backup-and-storage-as-a-service platform for managed service providers and the channel.[14]

In December 2013, Acronis announced the launch of an official research and development wing, Acronis Labs, a research initiative split between its Arlington, VA and Moscow, Russia offices.[15]


Acronis provides backup, disaster recovery, data access and partitioning software for the home, and small and medium enterprises. Its core focus is working with disk blocks, which provides the technology for additional products such as system deployment and disk partitioning. It also offers software for secure content access, sync and share across mobile devices, PCs and Macs.

Personal products

Acronis True Image

Based on image backup technology, Acronis True Image creates a backup containing selected files and folders, or an entire disk or the partitions on it. These backups can then be stored onsite or on Acronis cloud storage service. It also provides bare-metal restore and dissimilar hardware recoveries to any other PC. It can also be used to migrate an entire system to any other PC. Currently, it only supports Microsoft operating systems.[16][17]

Acronis Disk Director

Acronis Disk Director is a shareware application that has four major functions - partition management, partition recovery, disk editing and the ability to install and run multiple operating systems in a computer.[18]

Corporate products

Acronis Backup

Acronis Backup provides a disk-based backup and disaster recovery solution for business desktops and laptops with centralized management capability. It takes a 'snapshot' of the disk using Acronis' patented disk imaging technologies, minimizing impact on end users and eliminating the need to take servers, workstations or laptops offline for a backup. This image, which can be encrypted, contains the operating system, applications and data. The machine can then be fully recovered in minutes, instead of hours or days as well as just an individual file or folder that may have been accidentally deleted or lost.[19]

The solution supports backups to local disks, tape devices, autoloaders, libraries, network locations, FTP and SFTP servers, virtual machines and online backup services. It can also backup physical machines, virtual machines and multiple hypervisors.

Acronis Snap Deploy

Acronis Snap Deploy is a system deployment solution that enables organizations to deploy new machines quickly and easily. The software creates an exact disk image of the standard configuration, including the operating system and all applications. It then deploys that image to multiple systems simultaneously, making it ideal for rapid bare-metal installations of PCs and servers.[20]

It supports server and PC deployment, and provides full-cycle automation of the deployment, including post-configuration of target machines for names, IP configuration, SID change, domain membership and boot-critical driver deployment for dissimilar hardware.

Mobility products

Acronis Access

Acronis Access, which was launched in May 2014, is a solution for secure file sharing and syncing of mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) with file servers and computers. Content can be securely accessed from on-premise file servers, NAS and SharePoint, as well as desktops and laptops. Files can be shared with people inside and outside of an organization with all this activity logged for security and compliance. The system does not use cloud services, and enables IT to identify how data moves inside and out of an enterprise.[21][22]

Acronis ExtremeZ-IP

An AFP server for Mac clients that runs on Windows servers. ExtremeZ-IP eliminates the need for Macs to use SMB to connect with Windows servers.

Cloud products

Acronis Storage

Acronis Storage is a software-defined solution provides backup and archiving for managed service providers, cloud providers and enterprises with private clouds.

By providing storage backup and archiving software on commodity hardware, Acronis gives service providers as well as enterprises deploying private clouds a more cost effective solution than traditional high-end hardware products or public cloud services. Acronis claims that the cost of a 100TB Acronis Storage configuration is 51 percent less than an equivalent Amazon Web Services (AWS) configuration.[23]

Acronis technology strips user NFS files into chunks and then writes those chunks to backend storage in a parallel fashion. The chunks are tracked via a metadata approach and indexed so that they can be reassembled back into NFS file format. The chunking and parallel write technique enables the product to write files quickly and thereby speed backups.[24]

Acronis Backup as a Service

Acronis Backup as a Service (BaaS), launched in February 2014, is a cloud backup and recovery solution designed to help service providers and value-added resellers (VARs) compete with global cloud companies. The service can also be ‘white-labeled’ or co-branded into service providers’ and VARs’ existing Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offerings for easy localization. It also permits customers to designate various departments and/or roles involved with installing, activating, monitoring and backing up data to the cloud and local storage destinations. Service providers have the option to leverage Acronis Cloud Storage or their own local storage.

The pricing model eliminates upfront investments, so costs only increase when revenue increases. If a service provider or VAR decides to buy the complete solution, the cost would be approximately US$0.30 per gigabyte per month. Without the storage component, the price would be $0.18 per gigabyte per month, and includes usage of the management portal, administrative benefits and backup software deployment.[25]


OEM partners

Other partners

In 2006 SWsoft partnered with Acronis to resell Acronis True Image Server for SWsoft Plesk 8.1 control panel software.[27] The standalone solution, which also works with other control panels, enables service providers to offer backup and recovery capabilities with dedicated hosting packages.
In 2013, Acronis announced that is a part of the MobileIron ecosystem with its product, mobilEcho, integrated with MobileIron AppConnect.[28][29]

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