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Acropolis Tournament

Acropolis International Basketball Tournament
Acropolis Cup
Sport Basketball
Founded 1986
CEO Andreas Miaoulis
No. of teams 4
Country 23x15px Greece
Continent 23x15px Europe
Most recent champion(s) 23x15px Greece
Most titles 23x15px Greece (16 titles)
TV partner(s) ERT World
Official website

The Acropolis International Basketball Tournament (also known as the Acropolis of Athens Tournament and the Acropolis Cup) (Greek: Τουρνουά Ακρόπολις) is an international basketball competition between national teams, which has been held annually since the year 1986 and takes place in Athens, Greece each summer. It takes place before the big official FIBA tournaments like the FIBA EuroBasket, the FIBA World Cup, and the Summer Olympic Games. The tournament is named after the world famous Acropolis of Athens. The competition is played under FIBA rules.

The tournament is organized by the Hellenic Basketball Federation, and it is sponsored by Eurobank. It is considered to be one of the most prestigious non-FIBA organized international basketball competitions that is competed between national teams.


The tournament's host team, the senior men's Greek National Basketball Team, has won the tournament 16 times so far. In 1991, the Hellenic Basketball Federation and FIBA Europe, joined together to hold the special edition FIBA Centennial Tournament, commemorating the 100th anniversary of the sport of basketball. The Centennial Tournament is not counted with the other Acropolis Tournaments, because it was not solely organized by the Hellenic Basketball Federation.

To date, there have been 25 official Acropolis Tournaments that have been organized by the Hellenic Basketball Federation, plus the unofficial special edition 1991 FIBA Centennial Tournament. The Greek national team did not host the 2012 Acropolis Tournament, because it participated in the 2012 FIBA World Olympic Qualifying Tournament, and failed to qualify for the Olympics that year.

Acropolis Tournament standings

Year Arena Gold Medal Silver Medal Bronze Medal 4th Place 5th Place
23x15px SEF 23x15px Yugoslavia 23x15px Italy 23x15px Greece 23x15px Netherlands <center>N/A
23x15px SEF 23x15px Yugoslavia 23x15px Greece 23x15px Czechoslovakia 23x15px Canada <center>N/A
23x15px SEF 23x15px Yugoslavia 23x15px Greece 23x15px Italy 23x15px Duke University <center>N/A
23x15px SEF 23x15px Greece 23x15px Italy 23x15px ACC All Stars 23x15px Netherlands <center>N/A
23x15px Glyfada 23x15px Argentina 23x15px Greece 23x15px Czechoslovakia 23x15px China <center>N/A
23x15px SEF 23x15px Greece 23x15px Lithuania 23x15px Italy 23x15px France <center>N/A
23x15px SEF 23x15px Greece 23x15px Bulgaria 23x15px Russia 23x15px College NCAA DI All Stars <center>N/A
23x15px SEF 23x15px Serbian All Stars 23x15px Russia 23x15px Greece 23x15px Italy 23x15px Argentina
23x15px OAKA 23x15px FR Yugoslavia 23x15px Greece 23x15px College NCAA DI All Stars 23x15px Slovenia <center>N/A
23x15px OAKA 23x15px Greece 23x15px NIT All Stars 23x15px Italy 23x15px Germany <center>N/A
23x15px SEF 23x15px Italy 23x15px Greece 23x15px France 23x15px Germany <center>N/A
23x15px OAKA 23x15px Greece 23x15px College NCAA DI All Stars 23x15px Poland Template:Country data Japan <center>N/A
23x15px SEF 23x15px Greece 23x15px Italy 23x15px Australia 23x15px Russia <center>N/A
23x15px OAKA 23x15px Greece 23x15px Russia 23x15px Brazil 23x15px Hungary <center>N/A
23x15px OAKA 23x15px Italy 23x15px Greece 23x15px FR Yugoslavia 23x15px Lithuania <center>N/A
23x15px OAKA 23x15px Greece 23x15px Lithuania 23x15px Italy 23x15px Croatia <center>N/A
23x15px Glyfada 23x15px Greece 23x15px Slovenia 23x15px Poland Template:Country data Israel <center>N/A
23x15px Glyfada 23x15px Lithuania 23x15px Greece 23x15px Italy 23x15px Brazil <center>N/A
23x15px OAKA 23x15px Greece 23x15px Serbia and Montenegro 23x15px Italy 23x15px Germany <center>N/A
23x15px OAKA 23x15px Greece 23x15px France 23x15px Croatia 23x15px Italy <center>N/A
23x15px OAKA 23x15px Greece 23x15px Lithuania 23x15px Slovenia 23x15px Italy <center>N/A
23x15px OAKA 23x15px Greece 23x15px Brazil 23x15px Croatia 23x15px Australia <center>N/A
23x15px OAKA 23x15px Greece 23x15px Serbia 23x15px Lithuania 23x15px Russia <center>N/A
23x15px OAKA 23x15px Greece 23x15px Slovenia 23x15px Serbia 23x15px Canada <center>N/A
23x15px OAKA 23x15px Italy 23x15px Greece 23x15px Bulgaria 23x15px Brigham Young University <center>N/A
No tournament held – Greece did not participate in the Olympics. <center>
23x15px OAKA 23x15px Greece 23x15px Lithuania 23x15px Italy 23x15px Bosnia and Herzegovina <center>N/A
No tournament held. <center>

Acropolis Cup Champions and MVPs


Year Champion MVP
<center>1986 23x15px Yugoslavia
<center>1987 23x15px Yugoslavia
<center>1988 23x15px Yugoslavia
<center>1989 23x15px Greece
<center>1990 23x15px Argentina
<center>1992 23x15px Greece
<center>1993 23x15px Greece
<center>1994 23x15px Serbian All Stars
<center>1995 23x15px FR Yugoslavia
<center>1996 23x15px Greece
<center>1997 23x15px Italy
<center>1998 23x15px Greece
<center>1999 23x15px Greece 23x15px Georgios Sigalas
<center>2000 23x15px Greece 23x15px Fragiskos Alvertis
<center>2001 23x15px Italy 23x15px Gregor Fučka
<center>2002 23x15px Greece 23x15px Antonis Fotsis
<center>2003 23x15px Greece 23x15px Nikos Chatzivrettas
<center>2004 23x15px Lithuania 23x15px Nikos Chatzivrettas
<center>2005 23x15px Greece 23x15px Dimitris Diamantidis
<center>2006 23x15px Greece 23x15px Dimitris Diamantidis
<center>2007 23x15px Greece 23x15px Vassilis Spanoulis
<center>2008 23x15px Greece 23x15px Antonis Fotsis
<center>2009 23x15px Greece 23x15px Vassilis Spanoulis
<center>2010 23x15px Greece 23x15px Sofoklis Schortsanitis
<center>2011 23x15px Italy 23x15px Antonis Fotsis
<center>2012 N/A N/A
<center>2013 23x15px Greece 23x15px Nikos Zisis
<center>2014 N/A N/A

Results by country

Rank Country Gold Medals Silver Medals Bronze Medals 4th Place 5th Place Appearances
<center>1. 23x15px Greece <center>16 <center>8 <center>2 <center>0 <center>0 <center>26
<center>2. 23x15px Italy <center>3 <center>3 <center>6 <center>4 <center>0 <center>16
<center>3. 23x15px Yugoslavia <center>3 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>3
<center>4. 23x15px Serbia <center>2 <center>2 <center>2 <center>0 <center>0 <center>6
<center>5. 23x15px Lithuania <center>1 <center>4 <center>1 <center>1 <center>0 <center>7
<center>6. 23x15px Argentina <center>1 <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>1 <center>2
<center>7. 23x15px United States <center>0 <center>2 <center>2 <center>3 <center>0 <center>7
<center>8. 23x15px Russia <center>0 <center>2 <center>1 <center>2 <center>0 <center>5
<center>9. 23x15px Slovenia <center>0 <center>2 <center>1 <center>1 <center>0 <center>4
<center>10. 23x15px Brazil <center>0 <center>1 <center>1 <center>1 <center>0 <center>3
23x15px France <center>0 <center>1 <center>1 <center>1 <center>0 <center>3
<center>11. 23x15px Bulgaria <center>0 <center>1 <center>1 <center>0 <center>0 <center>2
<center>12. 23x15px Croatia <center>0 <center>0 <center>2 <center>1 <center>0 <center>3
<center>13. 23x15px Czechoslovakia <center>0 <center>0 <center>2 <center>0 <center>0 <center>2
23x15px Australia <center>0 <center>0 <center>2 <center>0 <center>0 <center>2
23x15px Poland <center>0 <center>0 <center>2 <center>0 <center>0 <center>2
<center>14. 23x15px Germany <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>3 <center>0 <center>3
<center>15. 23x15px Netherlands <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>2 <center>0 <center>2
23x15px Canada <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>2 <center>0 <center>2
<center>16. 23x15px China <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>1 <center>0 <center>1
Template:Country data Israel <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>1 <center>0 <center>1
Template:Country data Japan <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>1 <center>0 <center>1
23x15px Hungary <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>1 <center>0 <center>1
23x15px Bosnia and Herzegovina <center>0 <center>0 <center>0 <center>1 <center>0 <center>1

FIBA Centennial Tournament

The 1991 Centennial Tournament was the special edition tournament that was organized jointly by FIBA Europe and the Greek Basketball Federation to commemorate the 100 year anniversary of the sport of basketball. It is not counted officially with the other 23 Acropolis Tournaments because it was not solely organized by the Greek Basketball Federation.

Year Arena Gold Medal Silver Medal Bronze Medal 4th Place MVP
23x15px SEF 23x15px Italy



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