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Adnexa of uterus

Adnexa of uterus
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Schematic frontal view of female anatomy
Uterus and right broad ligament, seen from behind. (In this orientation, the contents "in front" of the broad ligament are posterior to it.)
Latin adnexa uteri
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Anatomical terminology

The adnexa of uterus (or uterine appendages) are the structures most closely related structurally and functionally to the uterus.


It can be defined in slightly different ways:

Clinical significance

The term "adnexitis" is sometimes used to describe an inflammation of the adnexa.[5] In this context, it replaces the terms oophoritis and salpingitis.

The term adnexal mass is sometimes used when the location of the mass is not yet more precisely known.

63% of ectopic pregnancies present with an adnexal mass. Depending on the size of the mass, it could be a medical emergency.

Term "Adnexectomy" in Gynaecology is often used for Salpingo-Oophorectomy (removal of both: fallopian tubes and ovaries).

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