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Akhil Bharatiya Ram Rajya Parishad

Akhil Bharatiya Ram Rajya Parishad (RRP; All India Council of Rama's Kingdom) was an orthodox-Hindu Indian political party, founded by Swami Karpatri in 1948. The RRP won three Lok Sabha seats in the 1952 elections and two in 1962.[1] In 1952, 1957 and 1962, it won several dozen Vidhan Sabha seats, all in the Hindi belt, mostly in Rajasthan. The RRP was dharmic, which significantly affected the political outlook of the party. Hindu Dharma does not generally accept the (Western) concept of a nation-state because Dharma is said to permeate the entire universe, rather than demarcate people based on a geo-political entity such as state. Like Hindutva-based parties, the RRP wanted a uniform civil code in India, based on Manava-Dharma-Shastra, with Ahimsa to first creed. The party has appointed Sheo Gopal Shukla as its Working President. Shiv Mangal Garg was appointed as Madhya Pradesh State President with its office at Saugar.[2]


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