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Al-Ashraf Musa Abu'l-Fath al-Muzaffar ad-Din, called Al-Ashraf (died 27 August 1237) was a ruler of the Ayyubid dynasty. The son of Sultan Al-Adil I, Al-Ashraf was installed by his father in Harran in 1201 as Governor of the Jezireh.

After his brother Al-Mu'azzam's death in 1227, Al-Ashraf received a request from his nephew, Al-Muazzam's son, An-Nasir Dawud, for aid in opposing the aggression of another of Al-Ashraf's brothers, Al-Kamil of Egypt. Instead, Al-Ashraf and Al-Kamil came to an agreement to divide their nephew's lands between them. Al-Ashraf captured Damascus in June 1229 and took control of the city. In return, he ceded his lands in Mesopotamia to Al-Kamil and acknowledged his supremacy, while An-Nasir had to be satisfied with the possession of a principality centered on Kerak in the Transjordan region.

A number of years later, Al-Ashraf began to chafe under his brother's authority, and in 1237 allied himself with Kayqubad I, the Seljuk Sultan of Rûm, and various Ayyubid princelings based in Syria, against Al-Kamil. However, Kayqubad died early in the summer of that year, and Al-Ashraf himself died on 27 August, breaking up the alliance. Al-Ashraf was succeeded in Damascus by his younger brother, As-Salih Ismail.

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Regnal titles
Preceded by
Al-Adil I
Emir of Harran
Succeeded by
As-Salih Ayyub
Preceded by
An-Nasir Dawud
Sultan of Damascus
Succeeded by
As-Salih Ismail

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