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Alan Blumberg

Dr. Alan F. Blumberg is an American oceanographer best known for his contributions to the understanding of flow processes and modeling of water bodies as well as initiatives that provide better scientific observations and forecasts for coastal urban areas.

Education and research

Blumberg earned his Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins University in 1976[1] and conducted post-doctoral research at Princeton University, where he was integral to the development of numerical ocean flow models such as the Princeton Ocean Model (POM) and its shallow water derivative, the Estuarine and Coastal Ocean Model. POM remains in use throughout the world to inform environmental studies, vessel and shipping operations, and maritime security issues. The predictive model was notably used in recent years to study the potential effects of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.[2]

Blumberg has been featured on several television programs, including CBS Eyewitness News and the National Geographic Channel show "Naked Science"[3] to discuss a new methodology for weakening hurricanes by as much as a category.[4] The proposed system uses thousands of pipes dropped into the ocean that would transport cold water up to the surface by the pressure of waves and thus reduce the temperature on the ocean's surface by 1-3 degrees. Such a temperature drop would be enough to chill a storm to save lives and reduce damage.[5]

In 2002, Blumberg joined the faculty of Stevens Institute of Technology, and currently acts as Director of the Center for Maritime Systems.

Professional career and public service

Blumberg had an extended career as a senior scientist and executive at the scientific consulting firms Dynalysis of Princeton and HydroQual. As an expert in Maritime Domain Awareness, Blumberg has served on public boards and technical committees, including for the Environmental Protection Agency, NOAA, American Meteorological Society, and the Integrated Ocean Observing System,[1] and has collaborated with UNESCO/Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission.[6]

Environment awareness impact

Blumberg manages a sophisticated water condition monitoring system in New York Harbor, NYHOPS,[7] with over 200 sensors constantly relaying information on such things as currents, which is accessed by commercial shipping operations in the area and has been used to track pollution and wreckage. He was interviewed by the New York Times in regards to his contributions to first responders during emergencies in the Hudson River, particularly Flight 1549, the now-famous emergency landing in the river. In 2005, he helped divers retrieve the body of a drowned Hoboken police officer.[8] In August 2011, Blumberg appeared on CNBC to provide expert opinion on the influence of the large spring tidal range on Hurricane Irene's potential impact to lower areas of Manhattan.[9] In October and November 2012, Blumberg appeared in numerous media outlets during and after Hurricane Sandy. He appeared on ABC's Good Morning America,[10] the Weather Channel,[11] and NBC New York.[12] He was also quoted in The Star-Ledger,[13] Mother Jones,[14] and Popular Science.[15]


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