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Alan Henry

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Alan Henry is a British Grand Prix reporter and book author.


Henry has been a Grand Prix reporter since the early 1970s. Until recently, he was the Formula One correspondent of The Guardian newspaper[1] and until the end of 2012, he was Grand Prix editor of Autocar magazine; he is currently the Editor at Large of F1 Racing magazine. Henry is also the chief editor of the yearly Autocourse Formula One season review books, a position he has held since 1988, and he writes a weekly blog for the McLaren team's website, Additionally, Henry has authored more than 50 motorsport-related books and won the 1984 Pierre Dreyfus award from the Guild of Motoring Writers for his book Ferrari: The Grand Prix Cars (1985).[2]

Personal life

Henry lives in rural Essex with his wife and family.[citation needed]


Partial list

  • Henry, Alan (2009). Jenson Button: A World Champion's Story. J H Haynes & Co Ltd. ISBN 978-1-84425-936-6. 
  • — (1988). Derek Bell: My Racing Life. Patrick Stephens Ltd 1988. ISBN 978-1-85260-107-2. 
  • — (1985). Brabham: The Grand Prix Cars. Hazleton Publishing 1985. ISBN 0-905138-36-8. 
  • — (1981). Flat-12: The racing career of Ferrari's 3-litre Grand Prix and Sports cars. Motor Racing Publications Ltd. ISBN 0-900549-62-9. 
  • — (1975). Ronnie Peterson, SuperSwede, Grand Prix Racing Driver: Story of a Search for Perfection. G T Foulis & Co Ltd. ISBN 978-0-85429-175-5. 


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