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Albert Schweitzer Tournament

Albert Schweitzer Tournament (AST)
Sport Basketball
Founded 1958
No. of teams 16
Country 23x15px Germany
Continent 23x15px Europe
Most recent champion(s) 23x15px Italy
(4th title)
Most titles 23x15px United States
(10 titles)
Official website
File:Ryan Boatright
France vs. USA, at the 2010 Albert Schweitzer Tournament.

The Albert Schweitzer Tournament (AST) is an international basketball competition that is played between junior youth national basketball teams. It takes place every 2 years in Mannheim, Germany, and is contested between teams from 16 different countries.

Since FIBA World does not organize an Under-18 age world championship, this tournament is internationally recognized and considered as a youth world championship for the Under-18 age group. The organizers of the tournament are the German Basketball Federation and the city of Mannheim. The tournament is named after Albert Schweitzer.


The first Albert Schweitzer Tournament took place in December 1958. It was contested between eight teams, and won by Belgium. Hans-Joachim Babies, and the German basketball pioneer, Hermann Niebuhr, asked the theologian and physician, Albert Schweitzer, if they could use his namesake for the name of the tournament. After the second tournament in 1960, there was a break in play until 1966. From that point onwards, a two-year tournament cycle was established. The 1991 tournament was canceled, due to the Gulf War. Since 1994, the tournament has been held during even-numbered years.[1]

The USA has won the most titles, winning ten. The USA is followed by Italy with four titles. The record attendance was 28,763 spectators.


Year Gold Medal Silver Medal Bronze Medal 4th Place
23x15px Belgium 23x15px Austria 23x15px Germany 23x15px United States
<center>1960 23x15px Belgium 23x15px Austria 23x15px United States 23x15px Netherlands
<center>1966 23x15px Italy 23x15px Turkey 23x15px Austria 23x15px United States
<center>1967 23x15px Poland 23x15px Austria 23x15px France 23x15px Belgium
<center>1969 23x15px Italy 23x15px Czechoslovakia 23x15px Poland 23x15px Turkey
<center>1971 23x15px Yugoslavia 23x15px Italy 23x15px Poland 23x15px Spain
<center>1973 23x15px United States 23x15px Poland 23x15px Yugoslavia 23x15px Italy
<center>1975 23x15px United States 23x15px Turkey 23x15px Spain 23x15px Poland
<center>1977 23x15px United States 23x15px Spain 23x15px Turkey 23x15px Germany
<center>1979 23x15px Yugoslavia 23x15px Spain 23x15px United States 23x15px Soviet Union
<center>1981 23x15px United States 23x15px Soviet Union 23x15px Bulgaria 23x15px Germany
<center>1983 23x15px Italy 23x15px United States 23x15px Germany 23x15px Finland
<center>1985 23x15px United States 23x15px Yugoslavia 23x15px Turkey 23x15px Sweden
<center>1987 23x15px United States 23x15px Spain 23x15px Turkey 23x15px Germany
<center>1989 23x15px United States 23x15px Greece 23x15px France 23x15px Czechoslovakia
<center>1993 23x15px United States 23x15px Lithuania 23x15px Italy 23x15px Greece
<center>1994 23x15px United States 23x15px Spain 23x15px Australia 23x15px Lithuania
<center>1996 23x15px United States 23x15px France 23x15px Greece 23x15px Turkey
<center>1998 23x15px Spain 23x15px Australia 23x15px United States 23x15px Turkey
<center>2000 23x15px Yugoslavia 23x15px Greece 23x15px United States 23x15px Australia
<center>2002 23x15px Greece 23x15px Spain 23x15px Yugoslavia 23x15px United States
<center>2004 23x15px Turkey 23x15px Argentina 23x15px Spain 23x15px Serbia
<center>2006 23x15px France 23x15px Turkey 23x15px Serbia 23x15px Croatia
<center>2008 23x15px Greece 23x15px Turkey 23x15px Australia 23x15px United States
<center>2010 23x15px Australia[3] 23x15px Germany Germany Under-17 23x15px United States
<center>2012 23x15px Spain[4] 23x15px Serbia 23x15px Turkey 23x15px Germany
<center>2014 23x15px Italy[5] 23x15px United States 23x15px Serbia 23x15px Turkey

By nation

<center>Country <center>Championships
<center>23x15px United States <center>10
<center>23x15px Italy <center>4
<center>23x15px Belgium <center>2
<center>23x15px Yugoslavia <center>2
<center>23x15px Spain <center>2
<center>23x15px Greece <center>2
<center>23x15px Poland <center>1
<center>23x15px Yugoslavia <center>1
<center>23x15px Turkey <center>1
<center>23x15px France <center>1
<center>23x15px Australia <center>1

Future stars

The tournament is an important event for professional basketball scouts from around the world. Over the years, many players that have played at the tournament, have gone on to become well-known pro players, both in the NBA, and the Euroleague.[6][7]

Some of the NBA players that have played at the AST, include:

In addition to that, some of the players that have played in various international senior men's professional top-tier national domestic leagues, and that have also played at the AST, include:


MVP Award

Year MVP
<center>1998 23x15px David Andersen
<center>2000 23x15px Eddie Griffin
<center>2002 23x15px Sofoklis Schortsanitis
<center>2004 23x15px Ersan İlyasova
<center>2006 23x15px Nicolas Batum
<center>2008 23x15px Nikos Pappas
<center>2010 23x15px Mitch Creek
<center>2012 23x15px Nikola Radičević
<center>2014 23x15px Ethan Happ

Burkhard Wildermuth Prize (Most Talented Player) 2006–present

The Burkhard Wildermuth Prize, or Burkhard Wildermuth Award, was first awarded in 2006, and is given to the player in each tournament that is deemed to be the "Most Talented Player". The award is named after Dr. Burkhard Wildermuth, the long-time co-organizer of the Albert Schweitzer Tournament.

Year Most Talented Player
<center>2006 23x15px Alexis Ajinça
<center>2008 23x15px Enes Kanter
<center>2010 23x15px Dario Šarić
<center>2012 23x15px Cedi Osman
<center>2014 23x15px Nicolás Aguirre

All-Tournament Team

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