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Algeria and weapons of mass destruction

In 1991, the government of the United States said it had unearthed details of the alleged construction of a nuclear reactor in Algeria.[1] The Washington Times accused the country of developing nuclear weapons with the help of the Chinese government.[1] The Algerian government admitted it was building a reactor, but denied any secrecy or military purpose.[1] Surveillance from U.S. satellites also suggested that the reactor would not be used for military purposes.[1] China had secretly made an agreement in 1983 to assist Algeria in developing a nuclear reactor.[1]

In November of 1991, succumbing to international pressure, Algeria placed the reactor under IAEA safeguards.[1] Algeria signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty in January 1995, and ratified the Chemical Weapons Convention[2] In August 2001, Algeria acceded to the Biological Weapons Convention.[3]

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