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Alkaloid (company)

Native name
Private company Pharmaceutical company
Industry pharmacy, cosmetics, chemistry, botanics
Founded 15 August 1936
Headquarters Skopje, Republic of Macedonia
Key people
Zhivko Mukaetov
Revenue 11px 118,141,000 (2013)[1]
Number of employees
1,446 (2013)
Slogan Health, before everything else

Alkaloid (Macedonian: Алкалоид) is a company from the Republic of Macedonia working on manufacturing drugs, processing botanical raw material and manufacturing cosmetics and chemical products for more than seven decades. “Alkaloid” is a joint-stock company which incorporates two profit centers: Pharmacy and Chemistry; Cosmetics and Botanicals; it has a subsidiary: “Alkaloid CONS”, as well as 13 affiliates outside of the Republic of Macedonia (in Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Russia and the USA). The company has around 1.300 employees with a dominant capital owned by private shareholders, 5,05% of which are foreign investors.[2]


Almacin (amoxicillin) capsules produced by Alkaloid

Starting in 1979, “Alkaloid – Pharmacy” has a sector responsible for development and collaboration with foreign companies in the aspect of representation agreements, distribution and warehouses. The many years of success and experience from this sector are a basis for the formation of “Alkaloid Cons Ltd.” Company for turnover and import – export services, which is a successful self-managed company working in the Republic of Macedonia since February 5, 2004. In order to prepare the company for the change of the organization structure and creating complementarity in the activities, “Alkaloid Premazi Ltd. Skopje” (a branch of the company which deals with paints and varnishes) was formed in 2006. It is a separate organizational unit, with which the number of subsidiaries of Alkaloid was raised to 11 (eleven).

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