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Alpha Pi Delta Sorority, Inc

Alpha Pi Delta
File:Alpha Pi Delta Sorority, Inc Crest.jpg
Founded June 28, 2010
Dallas, TX
Type Social
Colors Royal Purple , Impeccable Turquoise and Onyx
Flower Purple Calla lily
Jewel Amethyst
Mascot Angel of Peace
Philanthropy C.A.L.L.A Lily Academy
Chapters National, Local City, Graduate and Professional
Headquarters Dallas, Texas, United States

Alpha Pi Delta Sorority, Inc (ΑΠΔ) was founded on June 28, 2010 by several college women with like-minded missions, visions and goals. Their vision was to organize a lesbian sorority Greek Letter organization to promote the cause of services and education by encouraging the highest standards through cultural and educational programs, promoting community service within our communities; fostering the sorority's network, growth, and sisterly love. that catered to lesbian women of color in order to uplift and uphold unity within the lesbian community.[1]

The two founders are now known as "The Royal Court". On June 28, 2010, Antoinette McIntosh and Christian Jones were officially the founders.

The National Chapter for members who do not have a local chapter in their city is known as the Alpha Alpha Chapter.

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