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Origin Chișinău, Republic of Moldova
Genres Alternative rock, Electronic rock
Years active 1998 (1998) – present
Labels Art-Sfera, independent

Alternosfera is an alternative rock band from Chişinău, Republic of Moldova.


The history of post-Soviet rock in the Republic of Moldova is a concise one. Since 1991, only a few bands (e.g. Zdob şi Zdub), managed to occupy solid positions on the show-business arena of the Republic of Moldova and abroad.

Alternosfera first rehearsed with their full lineup on December 13, 1998. Their first concert took place on November 23, 1999 in Chişinău. In 2001, the band did their first demo recordings in Chişinău, followed by more demo recordings in 2002 in Bucharest, Romania.

Both the lineup and musical direction have changed over time, as the band reached maturity and developed their own approach to alternative rock, with the keyboards "carrying" the entire tune. Their lyrics are most often about love, but also have social and political connotations. Alternosfera's sound is unique on the Moldovan market at the moment, their influences varying from 80's motifs to the Seattle alternative rock of the '90s. Some people claim that the guitar sound in their songs is similar to Nirvana's.

Marcel Bostan's voice is rich in modulation, having a well-developed and thoroughly practised lyric line and also the ability to go very "high".[citation needed] Their specific melodiousness is also partly due to most songs having the classic piano "lead".

Alternosfera have performed on most of Chişinău's stages, taking part in the most important rock festivals in Moldova and were always well received by the public. Recently (2005) they performed in the Tuborg festival in Bucharest.

Like most Moldovans, the band members speak Romanian as their native language, except Vlad Hohlov, who is a native Russian speaker.

Current members

  • Marcel Bostan - Vocals, Keyboards, Guitar
  • Marin Nicoară - Guitar, Keyboards
  • Sergiu Aladin - Guitar, Keyboards
  • Dima Scripnic - Bass
  • Anatolii Pugaci - Drums

Former members

  • Andrei Ciobanu - Bass
  • Dumitru Costin - Bass
  • Olga Vîrlan - Cello
  • Vlad Hohlov - Drums
  • Max Koporski - Drums
  • Mîrza Vitalie - Violin
  • Vitalie Chian - Keyboards
  • Eugen Berdea - Drums
  • Victor "Vikosh" Coşparmac - Bass


Oraşul 511 (511 City)

Release Date: 28 May 2005

Track Listing

  1. Drumuri de noroi (Roads of Mud)
  2. Oriental Monk
  3. Shadow
  4. Ikar (Icarus)
  5. 1500
  6. Spune-mi (Tell Me)
  7. Picaj (Dive)
  8. Astă vară (Last Summer)
  9. Wamintirile (version 5.11) (Memories)
  10. Зима (Winter)
  11. Vreau să-mi dai (I Want You to Give Me)
  12. 511
  13. Alternocrazy [Bonus Track]
  • Record label: ART-SFERA
  • Mixing & record : September–December 2004, ADM-studio, Chişinău, Moldova
  • Sound engineer: Andrei Lifenco
  • Mastering: Feb. 2005, Studio МГСУ, Moscow, Russia.
  • Sound engineer: Serj Bolishakov
  • Music & text : Marcel Bostan
  • Arrangement: Alternosfera
  • Producer: Artur Muntean

Visători cu plumb în ochi sau ultima scrisoare pentru femeia nordică (Dreamers with Lead in Their Eyes or The Last Letter for the Northern Woman)

Release Date: 16 June 2007

Track Listing

  1. Drum de fier (Road of Iron)
  2. Ne uneşte, ne desparte (Connects Us, Divides Us)
  3. Femeia Nordică (The Northern Woman)
  4. Poştaş (Mailman)
  5. Ploile nu vin (The Rains Are Not Coming)
  6. Închisoarea albă (The White Prison)
  7. Cocori (Cranes)
  8. Visători cu plumb în ochi (Dreamers with Lead in Their Eyes)
  9. Avion (Plane)
  10. Nu e nimeni vinovat (No One's Guilty)
  11. Columb (Columbus)

The first single released from the album was 'Femeia Nordica' and the second one was 'Ploile nu vin'. The new album's sound is somewhat different from the music Alternosfera were writing earlier. First, because the new songs sound more mild, and, second, because all of them (unlike on Oraşul 511) are in Romanian.

Flori din Groapa Marianelor EP (Flowers from the Mariana Trench)

Release Date: September 2008

Track Listing

  • Mariane Flori (Mariana Flowers)
  • Flori de Mai (May Flowers)
  • Mariane Flori (JenyaSOLID Remix)
  • Mariane Flori (Remix NMKY)

Virgula (The Comma)

Release Date: October 2012

Track Listing

  1. Drumuri Vecine (Neighbouring Roads)
  2. Lumina Lăcustră (Lacustrine Light)
  3. Virgulă (Comma)
  4. Aruncă-mi (Throw Me)
  5. Mută (Mute)
  6. 2000 de ani (2000 Years)
  7. O lume la picioare (A World At Your Feet)
  8. Deja Străină (Already Estranged)
  9. Două Eve (Two Eves)
  10. Prea Departe Te Simt (I Feel You Too Far)
  11. Manole
  12. Ancoră (The Anchor)
  13. Sentință (The Sentence)
  14. Final (Ending)


Release Date: 2013

Track Listing

  1. Drumuri Pi - necunoscute (PI roads - unknown roads)
  2. Nepoata Lui Gagarin (Gagarin's granddaughter)
  3. Epizodia
  4. Singurătate (Loneliness)
  5. Armata (The Army)
  6. Rugi (Prayers)
  7. Fiara (The Beast)
  8. Văduva (The Widow)
  9. Trei Luni (Three months)
  10. Mai Am (I Still Have)

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