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Alyssa Moy

Alyssa Moy
Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
First appearance Fantastic Four vol. 3 #5 (May 1998)
Created by Chris Claremont
Salvador Larroca
In-story information
Alter ego Alyssa Moy-Castle
Species Human
Team affiliations Fantastic Four
Shadow Hunters
Notable aliases Unrevealed
Abilities Genius-level intellect

Alyssa Moy is a character in the Marvel comics universe. She is a former lover and colleague of Reed Richards. Alyssa works as a scientist, and has a genius-level intellect nearly equal to that of Reed. She first appeared in Fantastic Four vol. 3 #5 (May 1998).

Fictional character biography

Alyssa Moy has been a seldom used character since her creation and has been associated almost exclusively with the Fantastic Four. In one instance, for example, she lends her hovercar to assist Reed and Ben Grimm in retrieving an essential item a villain has tossed miles away. In another instance, Alyssa and Franklin Richards face down the extra-dimensional threat of the Warwolves, who pursue them through the New York City. The wolves take on the shape of civilians to try to entrap them. Alyssa witnesses the wolves killing at least one police officer, a sight she tries to shield Franklin from. Alyssa and Franklin are soon rescued from the wolves by the Fantastic Four.[1][2]

Moy and the others also face the other-dimensional bounty squad of Gatecrasher and her Technet. Everyone is transported to the Otherworld, to face the entire Captain Britain Corps, which is controlled by Roma. The entire incident had started because Roma believed Franklin to be a threat to the multiverse. He uses these powers to save everyone and the Human Torch convinces Roma Franklin is better off with his family. Alyssa helps uncover the mental manipulation done to Reed. Her first clue is when he fails to perform as expected during one of their long-running mental chess games. Alyssa also helps rescue the alternate-version Alysande Stuart from her extra-dimensional captors.

Alyssa later returns to solicit Reed's help with 'Nu-World', an man-made planet designed to take refugees from what is seemingly our doomed Earth. [3]

Relationship with Reed Richards

At some time in the far past, Reed Richards had proposed to Moy, Moy turning him down with the claim that they had a 'duty' to spread their genius-level genes as widely as possible rather than 'confine' themselves to each other. Reed did not tell Susan this until some time after Moy had re-entered his life.

According to the current Fantastic Four writer, Mark Millar, Moy will again play a role in the comic as he explores her relationship with Reed Richards much more in depth. Millar said: "It just always struck me that Reed would have had someone prior to Sue, since he's ten years older than she is. Also, Sue's so different from Reed and I felt the girl out there would be much more like he was, a female Reed Richards of sorts, and someone he'd have met at university. As luck would have it, Chris Claremont created exactly such a character and her name is Alyssa Moy. Her nickname in our story is Mrs. Fantastic and you'll see why when you read the first issue."[4]

During a reunion, Alyssa suggested to Reed that both of them had married the wrong people on the grounds that neither of their spouses could fully understand their work, but Reed informed Alyssa that he married Sue because he loved her.[5]

The Alyssa of eight years in the future of 'Nu-World' is now a floating brain in a robotic body still married to Ted Castle, helping to keep the planet from being destroyed. This world comes to interact with the modern Fantastic Four because time has become corrupted there. She is slain by her enemies.[6]

Other versions

In 'Fantastic Four Season One', Alyssa is a valued employee of Reed from the well before their trip into space, helping out with everything from scientific endeavors to illegal clean up of crashed vehicles.[7]


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