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Ambrosia (fruit salad)

Course Fruit salad
Place of origin United States
Main ingredients pineapple, mandarin oranges, marshmallows, coconut
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Video demonstration of ambrosia salad preparation.

Ambrosia is a variation on the traditional fruit salad. Most ambrosia recipes contain fresh or sweetened pineapple, mandarin oranges or fresh orange sections, miniature marshmallows,[1] and coconut.[2] Other ingredients can include maraschino cherries, bananas, strawberries,[3] peeled grapes, or crushed pecans. Ambrosia can also include whipped cream (or whipped topping), sour cream, cream cheese, pudding, yogurt, or cottage cheese. The mixture is refrigerated for a few hours or overnight before serving. Although the name references the food of Greek gods, it is widely believed to be an American dish originated in the early 19th century.[4]

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