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Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
First appearance Tales to Astonish #73 (November 1965)
Created by Stan Lee
Jack Kirby
In-story information
Alter ego Qnax
Species Xantarean
Abilities Superhuman strength
Ability to breathe underwater and on the surface

Amphibion is a fictional character in the Marvel Universe. He appears as a former nemesis and currently occasional ally to the Hulk.

Publication history

Amphibion first appears in Tales to Astonish #73–74 (November–December 1965), and he was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. The character subsequently appears in The Incredible Hulk #269–272 (March–June 1982) and #471–474 (December 1998–March 1999).

Amphibion received an entry in the All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A–Z #1 (2006).

Fictional character biography

Amphibion is an amphibious creature from the planet Xantares, considered a powerful fighter, the Xantarean supreme warrior. He was mutated by the Xantarean Grand Council of Elders, and sent to claim the Sphere of Ultimate Knowledge on the home planet of the Watcher. The item was considered the galaxy's greatest treasure, to help save their planet from turmoil. While he was on the Watcher's homeworld he encountered the Hulk who was also there to get the machine for the Leader because he was controlling him.[1] The Watcher decided to let them both fight for the machine, and whoever won would get to keep it. In the end the Hulk won the fight, after that Amphibion was transported back to Xantares while the Hulk was transported back to earth with the machine. For his failure to get the Watcher's machine for their now war torn world, Amphibion is exiled from Xantares.[2]

Amphibion is seen again, along with Torgo and Dark-Crawler who come to Earth as the Hulk-Hunters to seek out the Hulk. Not knowing they are just there to seek his help, the Hulk attacks and defeats them all. The Empress of the Sagittarians, who gathered the Hulk-Hunters, comes down and tells the Hulk about the Galaxy Master who threatens the entire universe. The Hulk agrees to help and goes into space with them.[3] While on the spaceship, Amphibion explains to the Hulk that since his defeat by him on the Watcher's homeworld, he has gone from planet to planet, honing his fighting skills in the hopes of facing him again. They skirmish a little, but its broken up by the others. Once they go into battle with the Galaxy-Master and his champion, the Hulk's enemy the Abomination, the Hulk-Hunters go after the Galaxy-Master while the Hulk goes after the Abomination separately. Together they eventually defeat the Galaxy-Master and Abomination while the Hulk gets lost in space.[4]

Amphibion then comes across Hulk (Bruce Banner) walking in a desert after he returned to Earth.[5] Amphibion explains to the Hulk that when he was returned to his home planet in their original battle, he found his world in chaos. When he questioned the Council of Elders on his world, they judged him to be arrogant and heretic and sent him into permanent exile for his failure for their planet's troubles. He then asks Banner for help to go back to the Watcher's planet to get the Ultimate Machine so that he could use it to bring peace back to his planet. After that they use the Leaders old equipment to transport themselves via "thoughtwaves", but instead of landing on the Watcher's planet, they are bounced to a nearby planet. The residents of the planet explain that the proximity of the Watcher's world is causing them to have nightmares and slowly driving them to insanity. Banner and Qnax volunteer to take a ship to the Watcher's planet to help them.[6] Banner and Qnax take the ship and manage to get through the Watcher's barrier around his planet. After getting on the surface, they are subjected to visions such as Galactus devouring a world, the Skrull and Kree fighting on the moon, and the Hulk battling the Avengers. They also find the Watcher and explain what they are there for, and just as the Watcher hands them the Ultimate Machine, the natives of the other planet they were on decide to attack.[7] The Watcher makes a retreat to the inner parts of the planet with Banner and Qnax right behind him during the attack. The Watcher reveals that the true Ultimate Machine shows not only all the known knowledge in the universe but also the "truth" as he puts it. Banner and Qnax both decide to use the machine on themselves, Banner sees his whole life for what it is and finds acceptance in all aspects. Qnax sees the history of his race and that the Council of Elders were only after power, not order. Once its over, Amphibion (Qnax) is sent back to his planet of Xantares' in the hopes that he can bring peace to his world with a new sense of justice, while Hulk (Banner) is sent back to Earth and continues to live his life.[8]

Powers and abilities

Amphibion has superhuman strength and is able to hold his own in a fight against the Hulk. He is also proficient in a multitude of fighting skills/techniques, and able to breathe underwater and on the surface.

In other media

Amphibion appears in the Hulk segment of the The Marvel Super Heroes (1966).


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